Company background
The company was founded by Bengt Wahlquist in 1997. First knowned as Runtech, than later changed to Coulombi Chargers and finally as of today, CTEK.

CTEK´s headquarter, with departments in sales, marketing and product development, is located in Vikmanshyttan, Dalarna in Sweden. This is where all of the product development takes place – everything from sketches, construction, design and software to package design, manuals and marketing materials. Vikmanshyttan is also the base for the international sales force and all international transports and material purchases.

CTEK is a young and innovative company that makes products that, with the help of the latest proven technology, safely easily and professionally care for and maintain batteries. As a company CTEK chargers have gone from being an accessory for enthusiasts to a mainstream consumer product. CTEK´s goal is to produce the world´s most sold battery charger. CTEK is world leaders in this area today, and want to continue to be world leaders in a future for batteries and energy storage.

In 2002, soon after the German sports car manufacturer Porsche launched its first battery charger onto the market, the company showed an interest in CTEK’s new battery chargers. One year later the first OEM-battery chargers were delivered. Mercedes also named CTEK as the official partner after an extensive evaluation of alternative suppliers. Several have followed. Alfa Romeo, Artic Cat, Audi, Bentley, BMW, Corvette, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Lexus, Maserati, Maybach, Rolls-Royce, Scania and Yamaha have also chosen to use CTEK’s battery chargers under their own brand.

The major part of CTEK´s production takes place in three contracted factories in Shenzhen, China. Here, Swedish, Norwegian and Chinese colleagues work together to secure production, quality and the safe delivery of CTEK´s products. When CTEK´s products have been produced, packaged and approved for delivery, they are loaded onto a boat for transportation to the central warehouse in Ghent, Belgian.

A typical CTEK customer is a mid-age man with a keen interest for cars, but basically anyone with a lead-acid battery who wants their battery to store and give energy when they need it. This group is enormous and extends all over the world.

CTEK´s Vision:
To become the leader in battery management solutions.

CTEK´s Drivers:

Professional entrepreneurship
World class customer solutions
Best bustiness relations
Beyond market growth

CTEK´s Mission:
Develop market and sell innovative battery management solutions that are safe and easy to install and use.

We are now looking for:

>> R&D manager



R&D manager    Λ


CTEK is now looking for a person that can lead our R&D department in to the future of the Automotive industry. The Automotive market and challenges are changing rapidly and we still want to be number one in our Industry. Therefore, we’re now looking for a person ready to lead us to the next level.

Our present R&D manager is moving to Hong Kong to secure our development of projects at our Manufacturers, and to be a bridge from our core competences in Sweden and Hong Kong to our Manufacturers. We also see that the market is changing rapidly within Battery Chemistry, Electrical vehicles, Hybrid vehicles, Diagnostics, Online communication and more, therefore, we feel we need to be in the fore front in R&D and secure our position as market leader.

CTEK sells more than 1 million chargers to more than 70 countries and collaborates with some of the most exclusive brands in the industry. We are now looking for an international, multi lingual R&D person with leadership skills and connections in the Automotive industry that’s ready to lead our R&D department in Dalarna, Sweden and Hong Kong/China.

We want you to have experience from leading a Department or/and Projects within the Automotive industry, especially within the Automotive component area. We want you to have networks, contacts internationally in forums, networks related to the Automotive industry and development.

Product Development of Automotive components
Leading staff and a R&D Department
Leading Projects Internally and Externally, Local and International
Used with Customer contacts

B.Sc. or M.Sc. in Engineering or equivalent
Min 5 years’ experience from automotive industry
Good in leading staff, communication and to structure work loads
Good in motivating and encouraging
Good in teamwork cross Departments, Partners and Borders

The office is located in Vikmanshyttan, Dalarna, Sweden and there is also staff located in Hong Kong and Szhenzen, China.
The role is reporting to the VP marketing and Product manager

Apply for this position by sending your resume and personal letter to:
If you have any questions about the position, contact our HR Manager Anette Granberg, +46 (0)72 203 96 56 or our VP Marketing and Product Manager Krister Mossberg, +46 (0)76 677 20 76