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    CTEK has partnered with one of the leading payment solution providers in Scandinavia – DIBS. This gives our customers simple, quick and reliable verification of payment transactions when purchasing CTEK products. DIBS currently works with 13,000 e-commerce customers.

    In order to complete your credit card purchase, you must subscribe to 3D-Secure. This a standard for secure credit card purchases made via the Internet that makes it possible to identify the card holder.

    If you do not subscribe to 3D-Secure, please contact your bank for help.


CTEK delivers your products through our partnership with Posten. We deliver in 4 to 6 days, depending on where you live and the time of day you place your order. Do not forget to give your correct e-mail address and mobile phone number when ordering so that we can contact you if necessary and can send you a tracking number via e-mail or text message.

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