Smart Battery Charger

CTEK designs and manufactures a range of smart battery chargers and accessories to suit all types of lead-acid batteries and therefore vehicles including cars, bikes, marine vessels, agricultural vehicles and even lawn mowers.

All of CTEK’s smart chargers are fully automatic, spark proof and reverse polarity protected and require no specialist knowledge to use. Furthermore, due to the patented pulse maintenance technology, the range of chargers can be connected to the battery for months at a time meaning users can simply connect and forget.

A CTEK smart battery charger will undergo a series of stages during the charging process to disulphate, revive, charge, condition and maintain all types of lead-acid batteries, prolong their life and saving the user time and money in the future.

Furthermore, a smart battery charger will stay in constant communication with the battery throughout the procedure, charging only to meet the needs of the battery and therefore eradicating the possibility of over-charging or under-charging the battery and reducing its lifespan as a result.

Moreover, each CTEK smart battery charger regulates mains voltage to protect any sensitive electrical and hi-fi equipment.