Car Battery Charger

Finding the Right Car Battery Charger for You

A car battery charger shouldn´t be there to take up space in your garage, only to be used when your vehicle won´t start. Just as you carefully look after other parts of your car, such as its tyres, in order to avoid the inconvenience and cost of replacements, your car battery must also be cared for and using the correct battery charger can help you to do this.

Whilst there are a number of different types of car batteries, all require charging from time to time. CTEK´s wide range is suitable for conditioning, charging and maintaining all types of lead-acid batteries. A 12V car battery charger is likely to meet your needs but there are a few to choose from.

A smart car battery charger not only charges, it undergoes a series of other stages, such as reconditioning, to prolong the life of a battery and keep it in optimum condition. Whether sulphur has built up on the plates inside or the battery is suffering from discharge due to infrequent or short journey use, a CTEK smart battery charger will give your battery a new lease of life.

MXS 3.6 – Although one of CTEK´s more basic models, it provides all-round charging through a 4-step charging cycle that comprises a desulphation feature and maintenance charging.

MXS 5.0 – A state-of-the-art charger with 8-steps in its cycle. This includes a special reconditioning function and it also offers a battery diagnosis so you know the charge state and whether the battery can hold its charge properly. As with all CTEK chargers it has an optimised charging mode for when more power is needed during cold weather.

MXS 7.0 – A great universal charger with slightly more power, including a battery capacity of 14?150Ah up to 225Ah for maintenance. This is also an 8-step charger and has a power supply mode, which allows the battery to be disconnected from the vehicle without losing important configurations.

These are just three of CTEK´s smart battery chargers – click here for more details and to view the full 12V range. They don´t require specialist knowledge to use and they can also be safely left connected for long periods of time, even months, as they meet the needs of the battery. They are fully automatic and protected from reverse polarity and sparking, so you can be sure peace of mind is included, whichever CTEK car battery charger you choose.