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Top 10 FAQ

  • D250SA: Can I use D250SA for lithium batteries?
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    No, it works only with lead acid batteries.

  • PRO60: Can you also use it for 6V, 24V or 48V?
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    The PRO60 is a 12V charger.

  • Installation: Can I charge a 24V system with two 12V chargers?
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    Yes, this is perfectly OK and is actually preferable for the batteries. Connect one charger for each battery.

  • CTX BATTERY SENSE: Battery Sense Software update
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    12th July Issues have been reported with the latest update on our Battery sense app – our developers are currently working hard to rectify the issue. In the mean time we have taken the decision to roll back to the previous version of the app, We have been assured this will happen over the next few days - iOS first then Android to follow.

  • PRO60: Why is there a USB port?
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    This allows CTEK personnel to make software changes – The PRO60 is futureproof.

  • PRO25S, PRO25SE, LITHIUM XS, PRO15S, PRO60, CT5 POWERSPORT: I have charged my lead acid battery with the lithium mode. Have I ruined the battery?
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    The battery will not be ruined but it will not be fully charged.

  • PRO25S, PRO25SE, LITHIUM XS, PRO15S, PRO60, CT5 POWERSPORT: Can I use lithium for lead acid and vice versa?
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    No - CTEK recommend the correct charge mode be used at all times.

  • PRO60: What is the warranty?
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    CTEK standard 2 year warranty for pro product.

  • If I choose Recond, how do I know when it's finished?
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    Reconditioning is activated by pressing the Mode button and selecting "Recond". When the charger is in "Care" mode it also means that the reconditioning is complete.

  • CT5 POWERSPORT: Is POWERSPORT a simpler charger than the MXS 5.0? It has only three lights while the MXS 5.0 has eight.
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    No. Both chargers contain an eight-stage charging programme, but they show this differently. On the MXS 5.0 a light shows for every step, and the voltage and power curve is shown above and below the lights. On the POWERSPORT we've chosen to reduce the number of lights and instead just show which phase the charger is currently in – Check, Charge or Care. However, MXS 5.0 is a more powerful charger than POWERSPORT.