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Top 10 FAQ

  • D250SA: How can I tell if D250SA is working?
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    Please refer to the manual "D250SA Function indications" for explantion of light sequence.

  • D250SA: How do I activate the AGM setting?
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    The D250SA has a wiring harness with a black and a red wire, the black wire must be earthed / grounded to change the charging voltage for AGM.

  • CT5 START/STOP: What do the three stages on the charger mean?
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    Check mode means that the charger is checking the battery’s state of health and preparing to charge. If the battery is in good condition, the Check stage doesn't take more than a few moments.
    The Charge mode LED shows while the charger is filling the battery, and Care shows when the battery is fully charged and the charger has automatically switched over to maintenance charging.

  • D250SA: How do I activate the Smart alternator setting?
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    The D250SA has a wiring harness with a black and a red wire, the red wire must be connected to an Ignition signal wire +15 (DIN 72552).

  • D250S DUAL
    What does the led lamps mean?
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  • Batteries: AGM
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    AGM stands for Absorbed Glass Mat and differs from a standard Flooded battery in that the electrolite is held on a glass mat and pressed against the active plate area, instead of being allowed to flood around the plates. This type of battery has a low internal resistance and can accept charge very quickly making it ideal for the modern start stop systems. If the battery casing should become damaged the electrolite will not leak out.

  • Charger settings: AGM / * Snowflake
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    Because the AGM battery has a low internal resistance it can accept a higher charge voltage, in this mode the Bulk charge rate is 14.7v which is the optimum chare rate for the AGM type battery. In cold weather the internal battery chemistry slows considerably, this leads to the battery being reluctant to accept charge at a normal rate. By raising the charge rate to 14.7 (15v on the Polar) the battery accepts charge more readily

  • D250SA: How do I connect D250SA?
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    Please refer to manual or web page for fitting instructions.

  • PRO25S, PRO25SE, LITHIUM XS, PRO15S, PRO60, CT5 POWERSPORT: Can I use lithium for lead acid and vice versa?
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    No - CTEK recommend the correct charge mode be used at all times.

  • PRO60: What is the warranty?
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    CTEK standard 2 year warranty for pro product.