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Top 10 FAQ

  • CT5 START/STOP: What do the three stages on the charger mean?
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    Check mode means that the charger is checking the battery’s state of health and preparing to charge. If the battery is in good condition, the Check stage doesn't take more than a few moments.
    The Charge mode LED shows while the charger is filling the battery, and Care shows when the battery is fully charged and the charger has automatically switched over to maintenance charging.

  • MXS 25, M25, PRO25S, PRO25SE, MXT 14, MXS 7000, PRO15S, M100, M300, MXS 25EC, ZAFIR 100, M200, M15, MXS 7.0: is lit and then turns into error mode
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    The analysis phase is testing if the battery can retain the charger given.

    Explanation 1: Large loads are connected to the battery and are draining the voltage.
    Test: Disconnect the battery and try charging again.

    Explanation 2: The battery cannot retain the charge given.
    Test: The battery needs replacing.

  • PRO25S, PRO25SE, LITHIUM XS, PRO15S, PRO60, CT5 POWERSPORT: Can I use lithium for lead acid and vice versa?
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    No - CTEK recommend the correct charge mode be used at all times.

  • PRO60: What is the warranty?
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    CTEK standard 2 year warranty for pro product.

  • PRO60: Are there accessories?
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    A range of accessories are available for the PRO60 – visit the web site for further details.

  • How do I know whether I've got CAN bus in my vehicle?
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    Check with your retailer or in the vehicle manual.

  • What is CAN bus?
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    Put simply, CAN bus is an internal communications system in the vehicle.

  • CTX BATTERY SENSE: Can I update manually?
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    Yes, you can update manually by using "Pull to refresh".
    ("Pull to refresh" = Swipe your finger downwards over the screen in list mode)

  • CTX BATTERY SENSE: Why does background updating not work?
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    The app can be shut down if your phone is low on memory, for example. It's a good idea to activate the function in the app that notifies you if it hasn't been able to update during the last seven days.

  • CTX BATTERY SENSE: How often does Battery Sense gather information from the battery?
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    BATTERY SENSE measures the battery's voltage every five minutes and calculates the battery charge status.