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Top 10 FAQ

  • MXS 5.0 CHECK, XS 0.8, MXS 5.0, MXS 5.0 POLAR, MXS 10EC, MXS 10, MXS 5.0 TEST&CHARGE: is lit
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    Explanation 1: Reverse polarity.
    Test: Make sure that the + cable/clamp is connected to the + terminal and the – cable/clamp is connected to the – terminal.

    Explanation 2: Loads are connected to the battery which requires more power than the charger can provide.
    Test: Turn off or disconnect the loads when charging.

    Explanation 3: The charger is not connected to a 12V battery.
    Test: Test with a fresh 12V battery.

    Explanation 4: The charge cycle is interrupted in step 1.
    Test: Test to restart the charge cycle, if it still fails in step 1 the battery is sulphated and needs to be replaced.

    Explanation 5: The charge cycle is interrupted in step 4.
    Test: Test to restart the charge cycle, if it still fails in step 4 the battery is can’t be charged and needs to be replaced.

  • PRO60: Can you also use it for 6V, 24V or 48V?
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    The PRO60 is a 12V charger.

  • CT5 TIME TO GO, CT5 TIME TO GO GULF EDITION: Can I use the charger for long term maintenance?
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    Yes, you can. The charger switches automatically to maintenance charging when the battery is fully charged.

  • CT5 TIME TO GO, CT5 TIME TO GO GULF EDITION: How many amps does TIME TO GO provide?
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    It provides a maximum of 5 A and varies according to the needs of the battery.

  • CT5 POWERSPORT: Can I charge my lithium battery with POWERSPORT?
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    If you have the POWERSPORT charger with the lithium mode you can also charge and maintain any 12V lithium (12V LiFePO4) vehicle battery (from 5 to 25 Ah).

  • Charger functions, Batteries, PRO25S: Will my PRO25S charge AGM batteries?
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    Yes, it charges all lead-acid type batteries in normal mode.

  • CTX BATTERY SENSE: Why doesn’t the percentage show 100% when the voltage meter is higher than 12.8 V which is said to indicate a fully charged battery?
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    Measuring the voltage for estimating the charge status of a Lead Acid battery can only be done when the battery has been at rest for a certain period -sometimes more than 10 hours. This situation is likely to occur after charging the battery or after a ride with the car for instance. Battery Sence takes this into consderation when calculating the charge status.

  • SMARTPASS 120: How do I connect Smartpass 120?
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    Please refer to manual or web page for fitting instructions.

  • D250SA: Which fuse size shall I use for D250SA?
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    30 A

  • D250SA: How do I activate the Smart alternator setting?
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    The D250SA has a wiring harness with a black and a red wire, the red wire must be connected to an Ignition signal wire +15 (DIN 72552).