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Top 10 FAQ

  • D250S DUAL, SMARTPASS, D250SA, SMARTPASS 120: DC/DC - How do I connect?

  • D250SA: Where would I use the D250SA?

    Any application involving a secondary battery or solar panel- please refer to manual or web page for fitting instructions.

  • D250SA: Can I use D250SA for lithium batteries?

    No, it works only with lead acid batteries.

  • D250SA: Where in the vehicle shall i fit the D250SA?

    Close to the secondary battery and as cool as possible.

    Do I need to disconnect my CTEK MONITOR when I leave the vehicle for long periods?

    No. The CTEK MONITOR is designed to be permanently connected to the battery. It is independently fused, and draws only 1.5mA from the battery. At such a low current, it would take several years to discharge a typical fully-charged service battery.

  • D250SA: How do i activate the Smart alternator setting?

    The D250SA has a wiring harness with a black and a red wire, the red wire must be connected to an Ignition signal wire +15 (DIN 72552).

  • D250SA: How do I activate the AGM setting?

    The D250SA has a wiring harness with a black and a red wire, the black wire must be earthed / grounded to change the charging voltage for AGM.

  • D250SA: Which cable dimensions should i use for D250SA?

    Please refer to the ''Cable and fuse recommendations'' in the manual.

  • D250SA: How can I tell if D250SA is working?

    Please refer to the manual "D250SA Function indications" for explantion of light sequence.

    Can the CTEK MONITOR monitor my engine starting battery as well as my service battery?

    No, it cannot. The service battery is in continuous use, and so needs continuous monitoring. The starter battery, however, is subject only to periodic heavy loads followed by float charging, and so does not need to be monitored.