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Top 10 FAQ

  • D250S DUAL, SMARTPASS, D250SA, SMARTPASS 120: DC/DC - How do I connect?

  • D250SA: Can I use D250SA for lithium batteries?

    No, it works only with lead acid batteries.

  • D250SA: Where would I use the D250SA?

    Any application involving a secondary battery or solar panel- please refer to manual or web page for fitting instructions.

  • D250SA: Which fuse size shall I use for D250SA?

    30 A

  • D250SA: Which battery sizes can D250SA be used with?


  • D250SA: Do I need an external regulator for the solar panel?


  • D250SA: Does the starter battery and the service battery need to be the same type?

    No, you only require the service battery to be lead acid.

  • D250SA: Which is the recommended size for solar panels?

    The recommended size of panel is 50-300W.

  • D250SA: How do i know if my vehicle has a smart alternator?

    Cars manufactured 2015 and later have smart alternator. Vehicles prior to 2015 please refer to vehicle manufacturer.

  • SMARTPASS 120: Do I need to use Smartpass 120 together with D250SA?