Take control with chargers for every application

CTEK battery chargers aren't just for cars – they can be used in a wide range of applications, from lawnmowers and motorbikes to jet skis and sailing boats. 
We also produce specialist chargers like the groundbreaking CT5 TIME TO GO battery charger, the first charger in the world that tells you how much charging time is left, and the CT5 START/STOP, which helps you get the best out of vehicles with start/stop technology.

And if your vehicle is in long-term storage, we've got chargers that will condition, maintain and monitor the battery safely and efficiently.

Many of our chargers are frequent award winners, often topping 'best in test' reviews and gaining a worldwide reputation for reliability.

So whatever type of vehicle you’ve got, there’s always a CTEK charger to maximise your battery’s performance.