As of May, 2018, Chargestorm is a part of CTEK Group

Chargestorm is Scandinavia's largest producer and developer of electric vehicle charging solutions,

a technology pioneer in the field. Since its founding in 2009, Chargestorm has shown consistent profitability and rapid growth in this dynamic market.

Both its hardware and software are developed in Sweden, and Chargestorm has two manufacturing plants within a one-hour drive of its headquarters in Norrköping. Its mission is to develop and provide the safest electric car charging on the market based on standardised solutions. The charging stations for electric cars and plug-in hybrids are characterised by: safety, dependability, and a simple user interface.

The charging stations feature a modern design, cutting-edge technology, and comprehensive safety specifications. The chargers have both commercial and private applications. The award-winning NanoGrid load balancing system and the cloud-based ChargePortal service have also been tremendously important to the company's success.

Our customers come from diverse industries/niches, such as municipalities, energy companies, housing cooperatives, property owners, corporations, parking companies, and private individuals.

Since the start in 2009, large volumes of electric vehicle data have been registered in the charging portal, generating a broad knowledge base and detailed experience with electric vehicle charging.

  • Over 80,200,000 fossil-free kilometers have been registered in the charging portal

  • Over 28,000 installed charging stations globally

  • Over 4,500 charging sessions daily

  • Over 700,000 fossil-free kilometers per day


CTEK & Chargestorm announcement