KB Wilde Consulting recently partnered with Henry Boot Developments to undertake a major expansion of the Blake House office building on the Cowley Business Park in Uxbridge, West London, to provide 31,500 sq ft of office space.  

With Blake House looking to attract more businesses, the need for available EV charging points was evident and, following an on-site consultation, CTEK’s partner EVC has installed five dual socket, three phase, 22kW CTEK CHARGESTORM CONNECTED 2 (CC2) EV chargers. Each dual socket CTEK charger serves two parking bays, and there is also a new connection point to power the chargers. 

The 10 designated parking bays are available for EV drivers only, and employees can park in these spaces to charge their cars all the time they’re at the office. Employees can also access the EVC app to keep track of their charge remotely on their phones, and the app offers other data insights such as cost and CO2 savings too. 

The CTEK chargers, which were installed within a week, are managed and monitored 24/7 by EVC's software team to ensure maximum uptime. 

All CTEK’s chargers sold in the UK are fully compliant with the UK Smart Charging Regulations. They are also open charge point protocol (OCPP) compliant, meaning that further chargers and load balancing solutions likes CTEK’s NANOGRID can be seamlessly added to the same system, as demand for EV charging inevitably grows.