CTEK CHARGE PORTAL clocks up 10 million EV charging sessions  

CTEK reached a significant milestone this week when they clocked up their 10 millionth EV (electric vehicle) charging session through their CHARGE PORTAL EV charging management system. 

CTEK CHARGE PORTAL, an online solution, available as a web-based subscription service, has been gathering data on EV charging sessions for CTEK customers across Europe since 2009, and CTEK has seen demand for this system increase rapidly as the size and scale of EV networks continues to grow.  

Through a user-friendly on-screen dashboard, CHARGE PORTAL gives customers complete, online control of their EV charging network. For example, customers can actively monitor the status of chargers on a real time basis, turn them on and off, set up and manage user profiles, track who’s using them and when, fix issues and upload software remotely - all from the comfort of the office!   

Customers can also use CHARGE PORTAL to produce sophisticated usage reports to optimise their charging network, for use in accounting, management and sustainability reports. 

“Hitting 10 million charging sessions through our CHARGE PORTAL is a significant milestone. The average size of EV networks is growing at a rapid pace. Access to the right data to forecast and monitor changing demand is imperative to assist customers with future planning. They can then use this information to actively manage its network in a cost-effective way so the EV chargers can actually enhance the value of the property.” 
- Cecilia Routledge, Global Director (Energy & Facilities)

As with all things CTEK, CHARGE PORTAL is fully flexible and scalable, from a few chargers on a single site up to hundreds of chargers across multiple locations - and there’s no upper limit! It’s Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) compliant too, allowing customers to seamlessly integrate CHARGE PORTAL with their own systems and third party software like billing and invoicing applications, so they can offer an enhanced service to users and maximise revenue. Thanks to this OCPP compliance, customers can even manage and maintain other manufacturer’s chargers and equipment, together with the CTEK chargers, on the same system. CHARGE PORTAL can be accessed online through any web browser, and customers can have unlimited users.  

For larger installations, CHARGE PORTAL integrates with CTEK’s NANOGRID dynamic load balancing system to provide full system control, enabling customers to see at a glance how the load balancing system is managing the power being used by the chargers, on a real time basis. This is becoming increasingly important as EV charging networks expand, placing additional demands on the electricity grid. 

If you’d like to find out more about what CHARGE PORTAL can do for you and your business, please click here.