2020 has been a year like no other. We have all had to change plans, cancel trips, postpone our plans. But it’s not all been bad, we’ve still had our cars, motorcycles and other very cool vehicles and we have been able to go out on some incredible trips! As we start to think about putting our vehicles into storage for the winter, let’s take a look at some of the most memorable trips taken by members of the CTEK family this year… 



I took my AMG GT Roadster to the south of France earlier this year with a small group of friends with a 458 Spider, 2 x Porsche GT3’s & a Jaguar F Type. We visited vineyards on the way down, stayed in St Tropez for a couple of nights then headed back up through Geneva through Reims just before leaving France. Was nice to get the roof down, sun on my face & enjoy the V8 through Europe, & momentarily forget what an otherwise washout 2020 has been so far!   




Only moments away from the heart of the Gold Coast is the glorious Main Western Road leading to Mount Tamborine, a South East Queensland must see. Usually, the small 1000-something population town overlooking the glistening Pacific Ocean is a destination worth looking forward to, however it’s the entertaining country road with endless mountain views that truly sets this drive apart from the rest. Whether it’s the approach to each and every perfectly sculpted bend of Eagle Heights, the smell of florals in the air or experiencing one of the many wineries along the way, this is one drive that will always leave you wanting more and a smile on your face.

Taking the Ferrari 488 Spider on this drive makes the already enjoyable experience a symphony of the senses with the sound of the twin-turbo Ferrari V8 bellowing as you squat and plant the rear firmly into each and every tight turn. Whether you’re in your favourite sports car, family wagon or enjoying a ride on your bike, taking this road less travelled by, truly makes all the difference. 




Well between the COVID shut down and having a baby I haven’t been able to get out to drive much but I did happen to make it out to 1 event. There has been an awesome gathering about once a month in Huntington Beach California called the Quarantine Cruise. Nearly 1000 cars of every variety imaginable, and a lot of great car culture people excited to get out of the house.


So many amazing adventures! Thanks for sharing with us guys! 

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