SMARTPASS 120T, 40-329 |


Smartpass 120T is a 24V multifunctional power management solution and split charging system for dual battery systems with starter battery and service battery. Smartpass 120T distributes, controls, and maximizes the available energy from your alternator to service battery and electrical consumers.

Part no. 40-329


24V | Onboard power management for 24V service battery systems

Smartpass 120T is to be used in applications where the alternator gives is able to deliver the desired charging voltage and the service battery has many parallel consumers with average load greater than 10A. The battery guard function in Smartpass 120T will turn off equipment connected to consumer output when service battery voltage is too low, this protects the service battery from deep discharge and will increase lifetime of battery. To maximize the split charging process Smartpass will supply power to the connected consumers directly from alternator when motor is running. Smartpass 120T ensures a safe operation by safety features as Battery temperature protection, Dynamic overcurrent protection and Over temperature protection.


SUITABLE FOR Heavy Vehicles, Boats, Recreational vehicles, Busses, Transport trucks and all other vehicles with a 24V dual battery system.

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