Electric cars charging points

It's thrilling to test drive and choose your new electric car, but once you've made your decision, the next crucial step is to "keep it operating in a reliable and efficient mode." You'll need to set up the financing and begin making payments for your car, but you'll also need to pick your home charger and begin the installation procedure to avoid being forced to use a Level-1 charger with a three-pin connection that charges slowly. It's time to think about home charging equipment, your electric cars charging points, that is quicker than the slow-speed charger wire that comes with the EV and charges at just 2–5 miles per hour when an electric automobile is your future.


The revised and upgraded CHARGESTORM® CONNECTED 2 is a sophisticated EV charger with a number of functions and built-in safety measures. It contains a strong CCU charge controller that can manage two type 2 charging cables and outlets. Through NanoGrid, CHARGESTORM® CONNECTED provides dynamic load balancing support between various devices. The CHARGESTORM® CONNECTED 2 is a function-rich device with built-in safety measures that is intended for use with electric and plugin hybrid cars. Both type 2 EV charging cables and type 2 outlets can be supported by the device. This is one of the most versatile solutions available because to the additional advantages of open integration and 4G connectivity.

Chargers from CHARGESTORM CONNECTED employ cutting-edge technology and come with a variety of practical functions. The finest feature is the ability to regulate the charge using RFID tags, which provides you a complete picture of who is authorised to charge.

RFID tags

RFID tags offer a simple and reliable method of limiting who may charge and at which outlet. You may manage users and any RFID tags connected to users using the CHARGE PORTAL. The CHARGE PORTAL keeps track of statistics on the amount of time and energy used when charging. Then, if necessary, this data may be exported. f a tag lost, it wouldn't be an issue because a new tag could simply replace the old one by replacing the serial number in the CHARGE PORTAL. That seems so simple, doesn't it? RFID-compatible chargers enable direct ordering of RFID tags.

CHARGESTORM CONNECTED offers 1.4 to 11 kW of programmable charging power using an app or software. It has one or two schuko outlets depending on the version and is supported by NanoGrid dynamic load balancing. These advanced EV chargers have an integrated energy meters that is Mid-approved, an integrated fuse, and AC and DC ground fault detection. CHARGESTORM CONNECTED is simple to install and lockable for upkeep. Depending on your demands, it may be installed on a wall or a pole. It also has a two-year guarantee and can function in temperatures between -30 °C and +50 °C.

Depending on the charging point you select and the degree of difficulty of the work required, the cost of a CHARGESTORM CONNECTED installation varies. Before you pay, CTEK can evaluate your demands and provide you a price so you can make an educated choice.

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