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NJORD® GO portable EV Charger*

NJORD® GO from CTEK is a durable, lightweight and portable all-in-one EV charger available with a type 2 connector, with a charging capacity up to 11 kW.

It comes with fixed heavy duty 1.5 m long mains cable and 5 m EV charging cable, so there’s no installation necessary – simply plug the unit into your domestic or commercial CEE socket for charging. The charger’s user interface clearly indicates charge status.


  • Cost effective type 2, 16 A/3 Phase (11 kW) EV charger.
  • No installation necessary – simply plug the unit into your domestic or commercial CEE socket.
  • Small, lightweight and portable unit, for use in multiple locations.
  • Durable, impact resistant casing.
  • Integrated safety features for your protection and peace of mind.
  • Intuitive user interface with charging status information.
  • CTEK app gives you mobile phone control for BLUETOOTH® and Wi-Fi charging and scheduling.
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Home. Work. Vacation. 

The CTEK NJORD GO portable EV charger has got it covered!

Portable EV charging

NJORD® GO is a portable 11 kW EV charger that gives you fast, reliable Electric Vehicle (EV) charging at home, or when you’re on the move. The charger can be used with the CTEK App to give you full BLUETOOTH® wireless technology and WiFi control over charging current and scheduling, for maximum flexibility. It’s tough, but lightweight so you can take it with you wherever you go. Simply connect it to any compatible CEE socket and it’ll do the rest – quickly and safely.

So wherever you go, the NJORD™ GO is always there when you need it.

The NJORD® GO is a compact and lightweight yet incredibly tough and robust. It is packed with a whole host of safety features such as built-in fuse, earth fault circuit breaker and DC leakage detector making it safe a reliable too. The CTEK APP unlocks additional product functionality and use the NJORD® GO wall-mount for a more permanent installation.


Unlock additional features of the NJORD® GO with the CTEK APP

  • The free to download CTEK App gives you mobile phone control via BLUETOOTH® and Wi-Fi.
  • Free updates
  • Charging and scheduling
  • Schedule charging for any time of day and for any length of time
  • Lower or increase the power easily to balance the load at times of high domestic power consumption
  • Automatically start, pause or stop charging remotely
  • View your charging history


NJORD® GO wall-mount

  • Provides secure, lockable storage for your NJORD® GO, for easy access to the EVSE & neat cable storage
  • Rugged sheet metal hanger
  • Easy to remove and carry with built in handle
  • Lockable with pad lock
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Built-in safety features

  • Safely charge your EV with the NJORD® GO portable charger. There are a range of in-built safety features to protect you and the vehicle:
  • Auto reset RCD
  • In-built safety feature; cable is locked (and cannot be unplugged) when charging
  • Dual high / low temperature hardware shutdown to protect unit
  • Self testing on start up that verifies the function of RCD, temperature protection, energy meter before the car is allowed to charge
  • Internal fuse protection for charger and vehicle
  • Car diode detection to prevent charging of a faulty car


*You might have noticed that we call the NJORD® GO an ‘EV charger’. So technically speaking it’s ‘electrical vehicle supply equipment’ (or EVSE for short). It provides a safe supply of electricity to power the on-board battery charger in your Electrical Vehicle (EV). Because most people use the term EV charger, we’ve chosen keep things simple, so we’ve chosen to use this term too. The NJORD® GO portable EV charger is an exciting new addition to the CTEK range and we hope you like it!

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