CS CONNECT U TERMINAL, 40-377 | ctek.com


Provides a permanent connection for hard-to-reach batteries, as well as a quick and easy way to connect your CS ONE charger. Requires CS CONNECT ADAPTER CABLE.

Part no. 40-377

A permanent connection for hard-to-reach batteries

Secure connection to batteries that are hard to reach

High Quality and Durable


Quick and easy connection for your CS ONE charger

The CS CONNECT U TERMINAL is designed for permanent connection to the battery. Featuring CTEK’s unique CONNECT system, it provides a quick & easy connection between the battery and your CS ONE charger - perfect when you have hard-to-reach battery. Designed and tested in Sweden, with high quality U terminal connectors and hardwearing, flexible cables, it’s tough, durable and built to last.


  • Quick & easy connection between the battery and your CS ONE charger
  • High quality
  • Tough and durable cable for peace of mind connection

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