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Charging any battery just got a whole lot simpler with the CTEK CS ONE. Its revolutionary APTO™ (Adaptive Charging) technology does all the thinking for you – you don’t even have to worry about which clamp goes where! This is the easiest charger you’ll ever use. Add in dedicated app control, to unlock additional features and you’ve got the most advanced charger available today. Super simple. Super smart. Simply CS ONE.

Part no. 40-333

Powerful simplicity

Ambient Temperature Adjustment

Adaptive charging technology (APTO™)

Unlock additional features with CTEK App

Polarity free clamps


12V | Revolutionary adaptive battery charger and maintainer

APTO™ Technology automatically recognises the type of battery you’re using, and then automatically delivers a customised charging program, telling you how long until the battery is charged and ready to go. No buttons to press or modes to select – just connect the CS ONE to any 12V battery and simply charge. Polarity free clamps mean you don’t even need to worry about which clamp goes where, so you’ll never make a wrong connection again. The clamps are spark free too, so don’t worry if you accidentally touch them together. Unlock additional features using the Bluetooth® enabled CTEK App. Select ‘RECOND’ to restore and recondition your battery. Choose ‘WAKE UP’ for lithium batteries with under voltage protection or to bring deeply discharged lead-acid batteries back to life. Select ‘SUPPLY’ to turn the CS ONE into a useful 12 V supply. You can also monitor the voltage and amps being delivered by the charger.


  • RECOND option to restore and recondition lead-acid batteries.
  • WAKE UP option to revive seemingly dead lithium and lead-acid batteries.
  • 12V SUPPLY to support the battery during service work and retain contact power to the vehicle during battery replacement / removal.
  • ADVANCED SETTINGS to monitor charger voltage & amperage.
  • Can be left safely connected for long periods during maintenance charging.
  • New durable design to make it easy to handle, with unique mounting system on the back for quick connection to CS accessories.
  • 5 year warranty.
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CS ONE tops the tables!
CTEK CS ONE Battery charger 12V with Adaptive Charging Technology, part no. 40-333 - ctek.com

Charge up with CS ONE. Plug in to brain power

Get to know the CTEK CS ONE, the world's first intelligent battery charger and maintainer featuring APTO (Adaptive Charging). With cutting-edge APTO technology, CS ONE is the most innovative battery charger designed by CTEK to date.

With this ONE battery charger, you get an entirely new level of efficiency and simplicity. The ONE charger is so advanced, it supports polarity-free charging. We would call that pure brain power. Simply connect to the mains, attach to any 12V battery, and you are ready to go.

Stress-free, safe and secure battery charging and conditioning. Isn’t it all you’ve ever wanted?

CTEK CS ONE has adaptive charging technology which recognizes what kind of battery your car is using (lead acid or lithium), how big it is and what type of charge it needs, delivering the correct charge for it, eliminating worries of over- or undercharging the battery. It's more than just a charger. The smart charger will tell you the battery's estimated full-charge time, will adjust the output voltage automatically for quicker, safer charging in both hot and cold weather, and have temperature sensors in place to provide optimum care for your battery.

Fitted for your safety and peace of mind, CS ONE includes polarity and spark-free clamps which means that you never have to worry about incorrect connecting. There are easy to follow  LEDs   to show how long left until the battery is fully charged.

CTEK CS ONE Battery charger 12V with Adaptive Charging Technology, part no. 40-333 - ctek.com
 CTEK CS ONE Battery charger 12V with Adaptive Charging Technology, part no. 40-333 - ctek.com

The world's smartest and most adaptive charger

The CS ONE is so sophisticated you don’t need to worry about which mode button to press – if you just want to charge, simply connect and it will do the rest. CS ONE offers a free downloadable CTEK App with some great features, including the ability to use RECOND to restore your battery health, WAKE UP for your battery with UVP, and SUPPLY to create a 12V DC supply for other devices. The CTEK App is created for complete control through your smartphone.

So advanced it simply works!

With the CTEK CS ONE battery charger, we have taken a whole new, revolutionary approach to battery care. We were first to market with smart charging and now, with our revolutionary APTO technology, we have launched the first fully adaptive charger on the market. With CS ONE, smart just got easy and easy just got smarter. It's the world's smartest, fully adaptive charger that does all the thinking for you. The polarity-free clamps make it so safe and easy to use.

One battery charger. Unlimited flexibilities.

Developed to work on a car, motorcycle, recreational vehicle, van, or boat, the CS ONE is the ease-of-use highlight: there are no modes to choose and everything is automatic, simply plug-in and the CS ONE will do it for you.

 CTEK CS ONE Battery charger 12V with Adaptive Charging Technology, part no. 40-333 - ctek.com
 CTEK CS ONE Battery charger 12V with Polarity Free Clamps, part no. 40-333 - ctek.com

The ONE and only with pure brain power

•    Super Simple and Super Smart
Just connect it to any 12V lead-acid or lithium (LiFePO4) battery and leave it to do its thing.
•    Adaptive Charging Technology (APTOTM)
The system automatically detects the type and size of battery you have, which enables it to deliver a charging program tailored to your battery's needs.
•    Polarity-free clamp
With one clamp on each charging point, the CS ONE will automatically determine the positive and negative terminals.
•    Detection of bad cells
When your battery cannot be charged, the CS ONE will notify you.
•    An easy-to-read display
Countdown indicator shows when the vehicle can be restarted and when it will be fully charged.

Introducing APTO™️, the ingenious Adaptive Charging Technology that takes charge of all the thinking

After years of research, development, and rigorous testing by CTEK, APTO™️ is born – a true testament to CTEK's creativity, technical expertise, and unwavering dedication.

With APTO™️ integrated into the CS ONE, a new era of smartness and simplicity unfolds. It's designed to establish seamless communication with your battery, gaining insights into its size, chemistry, and overall health. Armed with this valuable information, APTO™️ creates a fully customized charging program (ranging from 2-8 Amps) tailored to optimize your battery's performance.

Moreover, APTO™️ features an in-built temperature sensor, which intuitively adapts the output voltage to suit both cold and hot conditions. This ensures the fastest and safest charging times, guaranteeing your battery receives precisely what it needs for peak efficiency and durability. Say goodbye to manual configurations and let APTO™️ in the CS ONE handle all the complexities with its unmatched intelligence and precision.

CTEK CS ONE Battery charger 12V with Adaptive Charging Technology, part no. 40-333 - ctek.com
CTEK CS ONE BUMPER Battery charger 12V Accessory, part no. 40-476 - ctek.com

CS ONE Accessories

We offer a variety of accessories utilizing our unique CONNECT system, developed to facilitate swift and effortless connection between your vehicle battery and your CTEK charger. All our CONNECT accessories undergo design and testing in Sweden and are constructed from high quality materials to ensure durability, flexibility, and prolonged usage. 

Connect your CS ONE to any CONNECT accessory using the CS CONNECT ADAPTER CABLE. The Adapter Cable ensures compatibility with a wide range of CTEK accessories and is built to ensure a secure connection. 

The CS CONNECT U TERMINAL is tailored for a permanent connection to your vehicle battery and is perfect for hard-to-reach battery locations. 

Protect your CS ONE from bumps and scratches with the CS ONE BUMPER. Made from durable silicon rubber, the bumper ensures easy fitment and provides extra grip on slippery surfaces. 

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