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CTEK’s charger BUMPER fits snugly round the body of your charger to protect it from bumps and scratches. Made from durable silicon rubber, the BUMPER gives your charger extra grip on slippery surfaces and comes with a 2-year warranty..

Part no. 40-131

Compatible: Fits CTEK chargers from 3.8 Amp to 5 Amp

Tough and Durable: Designed and tested in Sweden, it’s made from durable silicon rubber and is built to last

Easy to fit: Simply stretch it over your CTEK charger for a secure fit


Durable silicon rubber protection for CT5 series chargers

The CTEK Bumper is an easy to fit, hardwearing, silicone rubber bumper that will help your CTEK charger grip on angled or slippery surfaces and make it even easier to handle. It will also ensure a strong defence against accidental drops, scrapes and scratches. Suitable for use with all CTEK chargers 3.8-5.0A. Other practical accessories, compatible with these chargers are available, including an extension cable, indicator, cig plug connector & wall hanger. CTEK is the pioneering and trusted manufacturer of innovative battery management systems and supplier of chargers and accessories to the world's most recognised car manufacturers.


  • Tough: hardwearing silicone bumper, designed and tested in Sweden.
  • Non-slip: Will help the charger grip on angled or slippery surfaces.
  • Enhanced grip: For easier handling of your CTEK charger.
  • Protects: Strong defence against accidental drops, scrapes and scratches.
  • Easy to fit: this snug-fitting bumper is lightweight, flexible and simple to get on and off.

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