Battery failure

Battery failure is often considered the number one cause for breakdowns around the world. As a result, motorists are paying unnecessarily for callout charges and, more expensively, for replacement batteries.

With modern vehicles full of complex and sensitive electrical equipment that constantly draws current from the battery, an ever increasing number of mechanical faults from new and older vehicles alike are battery related. But the expense and inconvenience of battery failure could be heavily reduced by regular battery maintenance.

CTEK’s unique range of smart chargers optimise the performance of lead-acid batteries through accurate readings of a battery’s charge levels, then ensuring the appropriate action is taken so the battery is always ready for use.

All CTEK chargers go through a number of stages to charge, condition and maintain the battery. This extends the battery’s life and eliminates the problem of battery failure. More importantly, it makes sure that vehicles start first time, every time and the problem of battery failure is eliminated.

Our chargers are easy to connect, spark proof and reverse polarity protected, so you can use them unsupervised and there’s no need to even disconnect it from the battery – simply ‘plug and play’ and the charger will do the rest.