11 May 2022


Battery chargers

CTEK’s CS FREE portable battery charger and maintainer has been named an essential car accessory by Claudio Anniciello, owner of Italian automotive website test-driver.it.

Test Driver is an automotive information portal for those looking for an objective and conscious opinion on the world of cars, and in a 12 minute video on the Test Driver YouTube channel, Mr Anniciello unboxes, demonstrates and test the CS FREE. 

Here’s what Mr Anniciello has to say about this groundbreaking portable battery charger from CTEK. 

“The new CTEK CS FREE is a car accessory that is essential, especially if you don't use your car often. For the first time in the world, a power bank for the car battery with an internal lithium battery that helps to provide charge to the 12 V car battery, allowing you to start the engine if the battery is deeply discharged or to bring it to the right level. It is important to know that it does not need to stay connected to the grid. You charge it at home, connect the clamps to the car battery and let it do its job.  

“CTEK CS FREE also works as a traditional charge maintainer and, in this case too, it doesn’t need to be connected to the grid.”  

Flexibility is one of the great things about the CS FREE. You can use it as a portable charger to top up your battery, as a more traditional type of charger by connecting to mains power, or hook up to a solar panel kit or 12V battery for complete charging freedom. In fact, maintenance charging your battery will actually extend the lifespan of your battery by up to three times! 

Mr Anniciello continued “It is ideal for motorbikes, cars, campers and so on. It is unconceivable that, up to now, there wasn't any accessory dedicated to those who haven't got the possibility to maintain their battery because they don't have a garage.” 

Named 2021 Product of the Year by Auto Express, CTEK’s CS FREE is the world’s first multi-functional portable battery charger and smart maintainer, with adaptive boost technology – compatible with all types of 12V lead-acid battery as well as lithium (12V LiFePO4) batteries too. Simply charge the CS FREE from mains electricity before you leave home, and it will hold its charge for up to a year! Then, if you do find yourself stranded with a flat battery, the CS FREE will gently and safely give you enough charge to get you going in around 15 minutes. This is completely safe for the vehicle’s electronics, unlike most traditional boosters or jump starters, that deliver a sharp burst of power to effectively shock the battery into life.  

The CS FREE has USB-A and USB-C ports to charge your mobile phone, PC, tablet, camera and other devices, and there’s an optional, easily transportable folding solar panel to power up the CS FREE while you’re off grid.  

You can find more information about the CS FREE here.