CTEK Introduces A New Concept – CTEK Ready

Battery chargers

In today's fast-paced world, convenience is key. Whether it's at home, on the road, or in the showroom, customers demand solutions that make their lives easier. That's where CTEK Ready steps in—CTEK’s new concept for 12V vehicles.  

By connecting CTEK's CONNECT EYELET to the vehicle's 12V battery, charging becomes a breeze. Once the eyelets are in place, the vehicle receives a distinctive CTEK Ready sticker, signalling that it's ready to be charged at any time. It's a small addition but it’s ensuring that customers' batteries are always ready to go when they are. 

However, the benefits of CTEK Ready extend far beyond mere convenience. By providing a hassle-free charging solution, automotive businesses can elevate the overall customer experience. Customers can rest assured knowing that their vehicles are equipped with cutting-edge technology designed to keep their batteries in optimal condition, ensuring they're always ready for action. 

Moreover, CTEK Ready isn't just about enhancing the customer experience—it's about increasing sales and profit. By offering CTEK Ready as part of every vehicle purchase, businesses can upsell battery chargers, boosting their bottom line with every sale. It's a win-win situation for both businesses and customers alike. 

Furthermore, CTEK Ready offers a proactive solution to reduce warranty claims. By improving battery health and minimizing the need for claims, businesses can save money while also enhancing their reputation for reliability and quality service. It's a competitive edge that sets businesses apart from the competition, demonstrating a commitment to keeping customers' vehicles in peak condition. 

And let's not forget about showroom maintenance. With CTEK Ready, charging showroom vehicles becomes a breeze. The easy and quick connection to the vehicle battery simplifies maintenance tasks, helping businesses keep their showroom vehicles in perfect condition at all times.  

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