14 October 2022


EV Charging

A recently commissioned survey, carried out in Germany by YouGov, on behalf of CTEK, looked to understand the challenges for owners and non-owners of Electric Vehicles (EVs) against the backdrop of Europe's environmental goals.


With the range of EVs increasing and the offer of subsidies towards the cost, the electric car will be an obvious option in the coming years. But how exactly do people in Germany feel about EVs, and how do they see the future of the electrification of vehicles on Germany’s roads?

Opinion research institute YouGov conducted a comprehensive online survey of 4,302 German people of different ages, locations and occupations between February and March 2021. EV owners were asked about their experiences with their current vehicles and their views on EV charging, whilsy thos who do not own an EV were asked about the incentives and barriers to making the switch to an EV.

The study identified that many Germans are reluctant to buy an EV due to insufficient charging options at home and in public places. 35% of those who do not own an EV said they would not purchase one because they do not have an EV charger at home. 25% attribute lack of charging facilities in their local area, or at their place of work as a barrier. 39% cited high purchase price as the reason why they did not intend to buy an e-car. 

The survey highlightd the importance that many German’s place on having a charging station in their own garage or carport. Indeed 57% of EV owners surveyed charge their EVs at home, with 33% stating that they did not know where the nearest public charging station was. 

When comparing attitudes of current EV owners versus non EV owners it is clear to see that if mass adoption were to take place, there will be a gradual shift towards destination charging. 

61% of owners and non-owners agree that EVs are the future of road transport. This was reflected across all age groups and genders.