Battery chargers 12V & 24V

Take control with chargers for every occasion

CTEK battery chargers are not only for cars – you can use them in a number of applications, from motorbikes and lawnmowers to sailing boats and jet skis. And if you have your vehicle in long term storage, we have got chargers that will condition, monitor and maintain the battery in a safe and efficient way. A number of our battery chargers are repeated award winners, often being in the top of ‘best in test’ reviews and gaining worldwide reliability reputation. So no matter the type of vehicle you have got, there will always be a charger from CTEK that will maximize your battery’s performance.

EV chargers - EVSE

Smart charging solutions for all situations.

We have been working with software and hardware development and we have built proprietary stations for charging since 2009. Our solutions range from the simplest case of a home charger without Internet connection, to installations that are complex with several charging stations that need load balancing but also our CHARGE PORTAL used for payment solutions and monitoring. Whatever your needs, please feel free to contact us and we will be delighted to help you choose the right solution.