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Top 10 FAQ

  • D250SA: How do I know if my vehicle has a smart alternator?
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    Cars manufactured 2015 and later have smart alternator. Vehicles prior to 2015 please refer to vehicle manufacturer.

  • D250SA: Which cable dimensions should i use for D250SA?
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    Please refer to the ''Cable and fuse recommendations'' in the manual.

  • MXS 25, MXT 14, MXS 25EC: Temperature LED is flashing
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    Explanation: The temperature is above + 65 °C. The charging is interrupted. Press the MODE button to restart charging when the temperature has dropped below + 65 °C.

  • M25, MXS 7000, M100, M300, MXS 25EC, ZAFIR 100, M200, M15, MXS 7.0: is lit for 4 hours and then turns into error mode
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    If the battery voltage is not above 12,5V after 4h the charger will turn into error mode, because the voltage has not increased in the way it should have done.

    Explanation 1: The battery is too large in relation to the capacity of the charger.
    Test: Make sure that the battery/batteries size is not larger than the recommendations.
    Test: Try to restart the charger because the charger might need more time to charge the battery.

    Explanation 2: Larger loads are connected to the battery.
    Test: Disconnect the battery and try to charge it without the loads.
    Test: Try to restart the charger because the charger might need more time to charge the battery.

    Explanation 3: If the battery is warm and/or is boiling heavily during the charging, it is most likely due to a defective cell in the battery.
    Test: Change the battery.

  • D250SA: How do I activate the Smart alternator setting?
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    The D250SA has a wiring harness with a black and a red wire, the red wire must be connected to an Ignition signal wire +15 (DIN 72552).

  • D250SA: Which is the recommended size for solar panels?
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    The recommended size of panel is 50-300W.

  • MXS 25, M25, PRO25S, PRO25SE, MXT 14, MXS 7000, PRO15S, M100, M300, MXS 25EC, M200, M15, MXS 7.0: The charger has gone into maintenance mode but cannot see that the recond is completed?
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    The Recond program starts with the normal charging program but has a recondition phase inserted after the charging, automatically followed by the maintenance mode. The Recond light “R” on the upper row may be tricky to see, as it will be lit after the third charging lamp, and turns off after the recondition is done, (lasts 0,5h – 4h) and after that the 4th, green maintenance light will be lit.

  • Batteries: How deeply discharged can a battery be and still be recharged by a CTEK charger?
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    Most CTEK 12V chargers can charge up batteries 2V. Our 6V charger can charge from 3V, and our 24V chargers manage batteries from 4V. Chargers equipped with the "Supply" mode need no countervoltage, and therefore can charge up batteries from 0V.

  • PRO60: Is it a jumpstarter?
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  • PRO60: How does the “fanless”- thing work?
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    Convection through the central chimney of the PRO60