We all use our CTEK battery charger in different ways and for many CTEK customers, for example somebody with multiple cars and one battery charger, or somebody who parks their car away from mains power, they can’t leave their charger permanently attached to the vehicle when parked. It’s therefore important in these situations to understand when it’s time to charge your car battery. 

The CTEK Indicator Eyelet is an easy to understand LED Indicator that tells you when it’s time to charge. It provides an immediate indication of battery charge levels through a simple LED traffic light system – so you know when to charge. 
•    If the indicator is flashing green the battery is fully charged and does not need attention 
•    It it’s flashing orange the battery is below 90% state of charge and charging is recommended.
•    And if it’s flashing red, the battery is below 80% state of charge and needs to be charged immediately, not only to be able to start the vehicle, but to also prevent damage to the battery, that can reduce battery life.

The CTEK Indicator Eyelet is really easy to fit. Simply attach the red eyelet to the positive pole and the black eyelet to the negative charge point or vehicle chassis. It features our unique CTEK Connect System, that provides quick and easy charger connection to your vehicle battery. When it’s time to charge, you simply pop the rubber cover on top of the indicator and attach your CTEK charger.

The CTEK Indicator Eyelet has hardwearing, flexible cables that are designed and tested in Sweden and is available as a 1.5 metre or 3 metre option. It is compatible with chargers from 0.8A (our XS 0.8 charger) up to 10A (our MXS 10 charger).

The CTEK Indicator is also available with crocodile clamp, panel mount and cig plug options. 

So if you want to know when it’s time to reach for your CTEK charger – the CTEK Indicator Eyelet is just the thing for you.