As the colder winter weather approaches, it’s important to carry out some basic vehicle maintenance to protect against breakdown and keep you safe on the roads.



Check the car oil levels using the dipstick and top it up with the recommend type of oil if it's too low. It might also be worth considering an oil change – did you know that not changing the oil often enough can result in loss of performance and fuel economy?


Wet and icy conditions in the winter months mean more braking and stopping than usual, so make sure they are up to the job.


Just like brakes, tyres can take a real beating over the winter months so you should check the tread – if they are near the legal limit, start thinking about replacing them. Check tyre pressure too, low air pressure in your tyres can be potentially dangerous on winter roads. And of course, for many Europeans you will need to get your winter tyres fitted!;


Charge the battery. When winter arrives and temperatures begin to drop, the battery won’t have enough charge to start the engine – in other words you will get a flat battery. Use something like the CTEK MXS 10 that features a dedicated reconditioning mode to fully prepare the battery for winter, and then regularly charge around once a month to maximize battery performance and health.  

Fluid levels

Check the antifreeze and screenwash. For screenwash you should choose a special winter blend solution, featuring a greater concentration of alcohol to keep the fluid reservoir from freezing. 

Windscreen wiper blades

The harsh winter cold, rain and debris can cause wiper blades to perish and deteriorate badly, so check that they don’t need replacing before the harsh colder weather strikes.   

Check your heater

Short drives aren’t too cold when you don’t have a working heater in your car but consider what would happen if you were stuck in your car for an extended period of time. 


So if you haven’t yet done your winter maintenance routine, you should get it done now. By following the steps detailed above, you can eliminate costly repairs and the frustration of a breakdown somewhere out in the cold.  

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