Increasing property value is the number one reason that commercial property owners in Sweden are choosing to invest in charging infrastructure for Electric Vehicles (EV), that’s according to new nationwide study, “Sweden Charges”, carried out by CTEK. Survey The survey, completed by over one hundred commercial property owners, was undertaken by CTEK to identify key trends and attitudes to charging infrastructure amongst this sector. And today on World EV Day, CTEK has launched a report summarising survey results.

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The survey identified that 36% of commercial property owners have invested in EV charging infrastructure over the past six months. 35% have plans to invest in EV charging infrastructure within the next six months. This is despite the fact that the survey was conducted at the end of June, during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. An equal proportion, 35%, were unsure whether they would make the investment in the coming six months.

Whilst the main reason for investing in EV charging infrastructure was to increase property value, the survey also identified that customer satisfaction and requests from tenants for this service were also drivers for investment.
Cecilia Routledge, Global Director for Energy & Facility at CTEK said “The increased adoption of EV’s presents a new opportunity for the real estate industry to deliver added value. Our survey results show that more and more property owners consider EV charging infrastructure as a means to gain competitive advantage.”

The survey asked respondents to compare possible reasons for investing in EV charging infrastructure and place them in order of preference. The overall results were:
1.    Increase in property value
2.    Customer satisfaction
3.    Request from tenants
4.    Competitive advantage
5.    It is part of the company's sustainability work
6.    A way to increase revenue
7.    For marketing purposes
8.    Regulations e.g. for new construction

Download the complete CTEK survey (in Swedish) here.

The CTEK "Sweden Charges" survey was conducted online in June 2020 as part of a larger survey of private individuals, property owners and electrical installers across Sweden. 560 people participated in the survey.