The uncertain future of foreign travel this summer has led to a global boom in motorhome sales, as many people look to vacation closer to home.  

For many, owning a motorhome is a new experience. And as we start to think about the end of the summer season, many will be reflecting on the top tips for motorhome owners to make summer 2021 even better than this year! 

So, what accessories do you need for a motorhome? Many people are looking for a home-from-home experience, but use the following checklist as a bit of a starting point: 

Motorhome awning: did you sometimes find your motorhome a little cramped? An awning can create some additional ‘outside’ covered space. 
Dash cam: useful for recording any incidents you may be involved in as evidence for your insurance company. 
TV & satellite dish: A 12V TV can be powered by your leisure battery, but will be limited in size so, if you want something bigger then it will need to run off 240V hook-up.  
Kitchen equipment: make sure you have plenty of plates, cups, cutlery cooking pans and glasses for that home-from-home experience. 
Portable bbq: so you don’t have to cook indoors every day. 
Fold-up outdoor furniture: so when the sun comes out, you can sit back, relax and enjoy the good times 
Battery charger: If your motorhome spends any length of time in storage, you could end up with a flat motorhome battery. Regularly conditioning and charging motorhome batteries with a smart, CTEK motorhome battery charger will maximize battery performance and extend battery life by up to three times.
Portable Vacuum Cleaner: it’s easy to use, small, portable and will help you to keep your motorhome clean. 
Solar panel: help keep your leisure batteries topped up for extended trips away from electrical hook-up. 

So why not join the staycation craze…with social distancing the new norm, what could be better than travelling around with your holiday accommodation on your back!