Is every car at Thailand’s Motor Expo powered by CTEK?


The 39th Thailand Motor Expo took place in December 2022. It was a huge event with more than 42,000 vehicles booked at the show consisting of 37,000 cars and more than 6,000 motorcycles. The show also had over a million visitors as well as more than 150,000 visitors through their online platform. And we were delighted to see that almost every car on display was attached to a CTEK charger.  

Imagine that you have a car on display and you want to demonstrate it to everyone at the show. But suddenly you notice that your battery is running out of charge and you will not be able to show all of the vehicle’s functions. This is the most inconvenient and annoying situation you can find yourself in at a show. However, if you look after and support your battery with a battery charger, you will never have to worry about your battery being drained again. 

CTEK’s Paul Oddy visited the show to see all of the amazing vehicles that were on display and he was really impressed. He said, “This is a great show and I am really glad that I got a chance to visit it. The vehicles here are top-of-the-line and it is so exciting to see the vehicles and meet the people behind them.” 

When you charge your battery, you are assured that you will not have any expensive breakdowns due to battery failure, and your vehicle will run safe and smoothly. And even when your vehicle is being parked at a show or stored in a garage, the battery drops in charge. This is why a reliable charger is essential, like CTEK’s battery charger CS ONE.  

The CS ONE can be used as a 12V supply to support any battery during a show, it can also be left for a long time without damaging the battery. If you want to restore and recondition the lead-acid battery you can use the recond mode and if your battery is deeply discharged, you can use the wake-up mode to bring the battery back to life. 

With the CS ONE, you are going to be prepared for the show every time!  

CS ONE, 40-330 | CS ONE, 40-330 | CS ONE, 40-330 | CS ONE, 40-330 | CS ONE, 40-330 | CS ONE, 40-330 |


12V | Vallankumouksellinen täysin akun tyyppiin ja kuntoon mukautuva akku- ja ylläpitolaturi