Here at CTEK, we are strongly committed to quality, safety and performance in each and every product that we produce. Our products are tested to the max, in some of the toughest environments, to make sure we never compromise on reliability. That’s why CTEK battery chargers are the best in the world. We also have a range of battery charger protection accessories for the ultimate charger protection.

So, if you want strong defence for your CTEK charger, take a look at our range of protective rubber bumpers.

These easy to fit, hardwearing, silicon rubber bumpers protect the charger against accidental drops and scrapes, and also prevents any scratches to your vehicle bodywork too. 

The silicon rubber makes the bumper non-slip, so it will help the charger grip on angled or slippery surfaces and make it easier to handle. We have had lots of really positive feedback on the bumper, especially from supercar and classic car owners, where protecting the bodywork is absolutely critical. The bumper means the charger doesn’t have to sit on the floor, it can safely rest on the bodywork, so it helps keep vehicle storage areas clear and clutter-free.

And the CTEK bumper is easy to fit too. The rubber material means it’s tight-fitting and lightweight, but also flexible, so the bumper is simple to get on and off. 

There are 4 bumpers in our range:
Bumper 10: suitable for use with CTEK 0.8A chargers
Bumper 60: suitable for use with CTEK 3.8A - 5A chargers
Bumper 100: suitable for use with CTEK 7A chargers
Bumper 120: suitable for use with CTEK 10A chargers

So why not get a CTEK bumper for your charger. You can protect the charger, your vehicle bodywork, and it will help with grip too, so it really is the ultimate in protection!