Here at CTEK, quality and performance is at the heart of everything we do. It’s therefore really exciting when we see our products being used by organisations with the same core values and high standards, who stand out from the competition.

Windrush isn’t just as a car storage facility, it is a self-described “luxury hotel for your car, with full concierge service”. Based in two UK locations, one in central London and the other in the heart of the Cotswolds, VIP automotive guests stay in a six-star, high security, climate controlled, fully staffed facility. All vehicles are valeted on arrival, trickle charged and kept in spacious storage bays in ideal conditions.


This is classic and supercar storage as you’ve never quite seen it before. In fact, UK Magazine Lux describes Windrush guests as “the most pampered motors in the world”!!

The Windrush philosophy is to keep your vehicle on the button 24/7 - so each and every vehicle is ready to hit the road whenever you are. And it’s this customer focused philosophy that led to the development of the Windrush 12 stage induction process, carried out each and every time the vehicle checks-in.

  1. Condition photographed and recorded. Receipt issued
  2. Unique ID assigned, keys tagged and record created
  3. Interior protection applied to drivers seat, steering wheel and floor.
  4. Carefully washed, dried and vacuumed
  5. Engine fluid levels and battery health checked
  6. Tyre pressures increased for storage to prevent flat spotting
  7. Allowed to fully air dry for 24 hours, pre storage
  8. Brakes applied to remove wash flash rust from the brake discs or drums pre storage
  9. Drip tray slid beneath to monitor any potential fluid loss
  10. Automatic CTEK battery charger and conditioner connected at all times
  11. Soft, breathable indoor cover applied
  12. Email update sent with photographs of this process for total peace of mind

Once the vehicle has passed through the 12-stage induction process, it is accepted into the storage area of the Windrush facility. Whether the vehicle stay is one day or one year, a maintenance programme is followed to keep the vehicle in optimum condition.

Windrush is fastidious in its approach to make driving a vehicle stored with them a pleasure to drive. Pre-handover, they ensure that the vehicle is 'on the button' and looking immaculate by following a detailed departure protocol.


Windrush Car Storage founder Tim Earnshaw said “We are secure car storage at its absolute best. When it comes to service, we are uncompromising in our approach. We are strongly committed to delivering the highest standards of customer service, which is possible because we have the experience and expert knowledge to look after any vehicle in optimum conditions, for any duration. We believe in proactive storage so that every vehicle is 'on the button' whenever you would like to use your vehicle.”

Tim and everybody at Windrush, we are blown away by your passion, dedication and commitment to quality and customer service. We are proud to be a very small part of your service, helping to ensure the vehicle battery is charged, conditioned and ready to go at all times.