We are really proud to manufacture battery chargers that are distributed in over 70 countries, all over the world. Our chargers are used by lots of different people, for a wide range of applications, and on many different vehicles, each needing to operate their charger in a slightly different way.

We make it our mission to ensure that our products are safe and easy to operate, but did you know that we also have a wide range of accessories for added user convenience, to make sure that you get your charger working around your needs. Our complete range covers connection, storage, distance from power sockets and even protects vehicle paint-work, to name just a few. So you see, we’ve got the accessories, to help you get the most out of your CTEK charger.

In this article, we explore our top 5 selling accessories, and how they could help you get your charger working around your needs:


INDICATOR WITH EYELETS so you know when it’s time to charge
Provides a permanent connection to the battery, showing battery charge levels through a simple LED traffic light system – so you know when to charge. The CTEK Connect system also enables quick and easy connection to the battery. Available with 6mm & 8mm eyelets.


CONNECT 2.5M EXTENSION CABLE to extend the range of your CTEK charger
Tough, durable extension cable that enables your CTEK charger to be placed further away from the battery or the vehicle.


CONNECT CIG PLUG so that you can charge your battery without even lifting the hood!
An easy to fit adapter that allows charging from your CTEK charger through the 12V cigarette lighter or accessory socket.


BUMPER for strong defence against accidental drops, scrapes and scratches
Easy to fit, hardwearing, silicon rubber bumper to help the charger grip on slippery surfaces. Protects the charger against accidental drops and prevents scrapes and scratches to your vehicle bodywork.


MOUNTING BRACKET for practical charger and cable storage
Easy to install mounting bracket for neat and tidy charger and cable storage, featuring an open frame for easy access to charger functions.

We think you’ll agree we’ve got lots of things covered here with our top 5! You can find more accessories in the products section of our site, so take a look to find some great ways to get your CTEK charger working for you.