Revolutionising Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Fleet Management with CTEK: A Conversation with Gary France of Tour1

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Gary France, the director of Tour1, a Harley-Davidson motorcycle touring company, brings a wealth of experience and passion to the world of motorcycle fleets. Having been riding motorcycles for his entire life and transitioning from a career in construction, he began a new adventure. Inspired by a motorcycle rally in Rome with friends, he founded Tour1 13 years ago, authorised by Harley-Davidson. Specialising in motorcycle tours across Europe, New Zealand, and the US, these journeys span 7 to 14 days, featuring around 12 motorcycles. Gary's unique approach allows participants to bring their own motorcycles while Tour1 takes care of all the logistics.  

In the dynamic realm of motorcycle fleets, where bikes predominantly hit the road in summer and face sporadic use during winter, Gary sheds light on the specific challenges faced. "I predominantly ride in the summer, and it's essential to keep my motorcycles fully charged consistently. The primary challenge lies in the charging process, especially when they remain inactive for over six months. Ensuring they are fully charged and ready for action becomes a crucial task during this period." 

Gary vividly describes the frustrations encountered before implementing the CTEK MXS 5.0 units. Harley-Davidson's powerful engines demand constant peak performance from their batteries. "The large capacity engines of Harley Davidson motorcycles demand substantial power, necessitating them to be consistently fully charged. In the past, the batteries would frequently drain and even be dead, because I had no power in the garage. At one point, I had to purchase three new batteries in a single year due to these challenges.” 

He continues, "However, the integration of the CTEK chargers has transformed my latest garage environment, moving from chargers on the floor to an organized wall setup with 12 cables hanging from the ceiling. This not only enhances safety but also provides an aesthetically pleasing and clutter-free space.” 

With the MXS 5.0 units strategically placed on one wall, Gary elaborates on how this arrangement simplifies monitoring the battery conditions for the entire fleet. "This means I can place any bike anywhere in the building, and there is a cable hanging there, ready to be plugged in – there are no cables running across the floor, which is much safer when you are moving heavy motorcycles around." 

What truly stands out for Gary is the consolidated placement of all MXS 5.0 units on one wall. This arrangement allows him to effortlessly monitor the battery condition of every motorcycle in one glance. "Seeing that row of green lights indicating the bikes' batteries are all fully charged and ready to go is reassuringly simple," he notes, underlining the convenience and efficiency of the setup. 

Considering the cost of Harley-Davidson batteries, Gary emphasizes the value of having CTEK chargers connected 24/7 to motorcycles when parked. "Now, the batteries boast a remarkable lifespan of 10 years! This not only translates into substantial cost savings but also significantly reduces the time spent on plugging and unplugging. The decision to have a dedicated charger for each motorcycle proves to be highly advantageous." 

In the world of Harley-Davidson, where batteries come with a hefty price tag, Gary expresses his satisfaction with the step process employed by the CTEK MXS 5.0 advanced charger. "What I really like is the step process the CTEK MXS 5.0 advanced charger goes through to check the battery condition and keep it ready for the best possible performance." 

Since integrating CTEK chargers into his maintenance routine, Gary concludes, "Since I have been using these, I have had no problems whatsoever, and I like that!" This content grin is a testament to the reliability and peace of mind brought about by the seamless integration of CTEK chargers into Tour1's motorcycle fleet management. 

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