CASE STUDY | Low voltage | Tees River Rescue supported by CTEK's CS FREE Multi-Functional Charger

Case Study | Battery Charging

Tees River Rescue, an independent rescue charity operating on the River Tees in the North East of England, has revolutionized its lifeboat service with the introduction of CTEK's CS FREE multi-functional and portable 4-in-1 charger. With its diverse capabilities as a charger, maintainer, adaptive booster, and power bank, the CS FREE has become an indispensable asset for the organization. 

Tees River Rescue goes beyond its search and rescue role by patrolling the river during peak times, covering a total of 26.7 miles of navigable river. In addition to providing emergency support, they also offer education, assistance, and reassurance to river users. As a charity, their operations heavily rely on public support, grant funding, local businesses, supporters, and dedicated volunteers. The absence of paid staff and government funding makes it crucial for Tees River Rescue to maintain fully powered and readily available lifeboats throughout the day. 

However, the charity encountered a persistent issue with one of their lifeboats, the Avon Searider, starting from the summer of 2022. The unreliable battery became a significant challenge as the boat's mooring location lacked access to shore power. Testing and charging the battery meant taking the boat offline for several days at a time, hampering their ability to respond promptly to emergencies. 

Fortunately, the CS FREE multi-functional charger came to the rescue. Its exceptional adaptability and smart technology perfectly addressed the requirements of Tees River Rescue. Equipped with down and side view sonar, the lifeboat gained the advantage of simultaneous water and riverbed search capabilities. Furthermore, the lights and sirens, essential for swift incident response, were now powered efficiently. The CS FREE charger's Adaptive Boost technology effortlessly catered to the additional power demands of the boat's equipment. 

The simplicity and user-friendly nature of the CS FREE charger and its accompanying solar panel kit empowered all volunteers and operators to maintain not only the lifeboats but also the newly acquired welfare vehicle and its equipment. It eliminated the concerns associated with riverside parking, as the welfare vehicle's heating and hot water boiler no longer required continuous operation to support the people in need or the crew working day and night on call. 

Sarah Marrison, a Trustee of Tees River Rescue, expressed her satisfaction with the CS FREE charger: "This year, the CS FREE has become one of our most crucial pieces of equipment. It not only keeps our lifeboats operational but has also tremendously supported our welfare vehicle. We no longer worry about being riverside and consuming power for heating and hot water while assisting those in need. Our crew, who are on call day and night, also benefit from this reliable solution." 

Marrison further emphasized the versatility of the CS FREE charger, stating, "With the Adaptive Booster, we can quickly charge both lifeboats, ensuring their availability at a moment's notice without concerns about battery power. The Smart Battery Charger perfectly caters to our welfare vehicle and public event needs, while the Intelligent Maintainer extends the lifespan of our batteries. Additionally, the on-the-go Power bank is ideal for charging crew laptops, smartphones, and other equipment." 

Thanks to the CS FREE charger and the integration of solar panels, the previous issue of lacking shore power is now a thing of the past. During summer months when river patrols are most critical, Tees River Rescue can operate without worrying about running out of power and being stranded throughout the day. The CTEK CS FREE charger has truly transformed the organization's operations, enabling them to serve the community effectively and safeguard lives on the River Tees.