17 octobre 2022

CTEK named a Career Company 2022


CTEK named a Career Company 2022 in prestigious national awards

CTEK has been named a Career Company 2022 in the prestigious Karriärföretagen national awards.

Now in their 11th year, the Karriärföretagen Career Companies awards are presented to the 100 most attractive companies to work for in Sweden. Selected from around 1,000 companies across the country, the aim is to guide students and young professionals to a good start in their careers, and the awards are presented annually to the employers in Sweden who have been judged to offer the foremost career and development opportunities for young talent.

In selecting CTEK for the award, the judging panel has remarked that “CTEK shows great expertise and passion in its industry and has solid employer branding work. Through a clear collaboration between the employees and a trust in them, it is precisely they who drive the company forward. CTEK gives you a stable workplace with a warm corporate culture.”

We are proud to have been named a Career Company in the 2022 Karriärföretagen awards. CTEK has grown rapidly over the past 18 months, including our listing on the Nasdaq Stockholm Index in September this year, and this award is real recognition of the hard work we have done to take our staff with us on this journey, keep them with us, and attract new young talent to our growing team. We are especially pleased that Karriärföretagen has recognised the winning corporate culture we’ve built here at CTEK, within which we are committed to supporting our people to develop new skills and competencies that will ensure CTEK is fully charged for continued growth and success, now and into the future.

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