CTEK offers onboard charging solutions for your leisure battery

Battery chargers

As the touring season approaches, it's essential to prepare your motorhome, caravan, or camper van for the upcoming adventures. Having a consistent and dependable power supply is crucial to operate your van's lights, switchboards, sockets, fridge, heating system, and water pumps, especially during extended trips. 

To ensure safe and efficient charging of your leisure battery from your vehicle's alternator or solar panel, or both, CTEK recommends battery-to-battery charging systems. DC/DC chargers, also known as battery-to-battery chargers, offer particular benefits as they convert the output from your primary battery or solar panel and optimize the charging process for your secondary battery. Since the charging profile for a leisure battery differs from that of a lead-acid battery, a DC/DC charger is necessary. It can be programmed to accommodate various leisure battery types such as flooded, AGM, or lithium, as well as different charging requirements, thereby enhancing battery conditioning and extending its lifespan. 

When selecting a battery-to-battery charger, it's important to consider factors such as the safe recharge rate of your leisure battery and the current rating of the charger. Higher current ratings result in faster charging, but this is limited by the battery size, type, and alternator output. It's crucial to account for the specific characteristics of the battery you're charging, as lithium batteries can handle larger charge currents compared to lead-acid batteries. 

CTEK offers two versatile units that can function independently or together as a robust system. These units feature selectable charge algorithms suitable for different battery types and can utilize power from both the alternator and solar panel. The D250SE is designed to work seamlessly with smart alternators and incorporates a temperature sensor for optimized charging performance regardless of weather conditions. It can be used as a standalone unit or in conjunction with the CTEK SMARTPASS 120. 

The SMARTPASS 120S serves as a power management solution, effectively distributing, controlling, and maximizing up to 120A of power from the vehicle alternator. It also prioritizes the charging of critical equipment. These units are capable of sustaining a constant output for vehicles equipped with smart ECU controlled alternators. When combined, they create a powerful and intelligent 140A charging and power management system. With CTEK's DC/DC onboard charging system, you can swiftly charge your service battery and distribute power in a safe and reliable manner, providing you with peace of mind whether you're working, resting, or enjoying your leisure activities.