"Musla" Unveiled: GZ Racing's Electrified Classic Mustang with Tesla Tech and CTEK Power

Case Study | EV Charging

GZ Racing AB, a pioneer in automotive reengineering, presents "Musla," a revolutionary project that seamlessly merges the aesthetic of a 1966 Ford Mustang Cabriolet with the modern electric ability of a Tesla Model 3. This undertaking is more than a simple car conversion; it's a bold step into the future of electric vehicles (EVs), showcasing what's possible when classic charm meets contemporary efficiency. 

Crafting the Musla 

The journey began in autumn 2021, with the ambitious goal of creating a vehicle that combines the iconic design of the Ford Mustang with the advanced electric technology Tesla is known for. The heart of the transformation involved integrating the Tesla Model 3's electric underpinnings with the Mustang's timeless silhouette. This process was no small feat, requiring extensive customization to ensure that the final product not only looked stunning but performed exceptionally. The Musla boasts a 75kWh Tesla Model 3 Long Range battery, providing an impressive range of approximately 550km, and is powered by a 280kW (380hp) Tesla 980 motor, positioned to deliver unparalleled electric performance. 

Why Tesla? 

The decision to use Tesla components was deliberate, tapping into the brand's reputation for leading the electric revolution with its high-efficiency, high-performance powertrains. This choice reflects GZ Racing's commitment to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in EV conversions, marrying the best of traditional automotive design with the forefront of electric mobility. 

CTEK's Role 

At the core of Musla's operational excellence is its charging ecosystem, powered by CTEK's charging technology. GZ Racing's selection of CTEK as their charging partner underscores the importance of reliability, innovation, and sustainability in the project. The garage utilizes a suite of CTEK chargers, including the versatile CTEK CC2 for the main EV battery, the portable NJORD GO for on-the-go charging needs, and the CS ONE for the 12V system, ensuring Musla is efficiently powered for any journey. 

Joakim Engstrand, CEO of GZ Racing, expresses his confidence in their choice:  

"CTEK stood out for its unparalleled quality and innovation in charging technology, aligning perfectly with our vision for Musla. This project isn't just about building a car; it's about reimagining the future of classic vehicles in an electric world. CTEK's support has been essential in bringing this vision to life, demonstrating the potential for sustainable, high-performance EV conversions." 

The Road Ahead 

The Musla project marks a significant moment in the evolution of EV conversions, illustrating a harmonious blend of historical beauty and modern technology. As the automotive industry continues its shift towards sustainability, Musla serves as a shining example of how classic vehicles can be envisioned for the future, driven by electric power. 

In a concluding remark, Joakim Engstrand calls for action:  

"For EV conversions to truly impact our environmental future, we need supportive government policies. Subsidies and simplified registrations for converted vehicles are crucial. This will make green innovation financially accessible and accelerate our journey towards a sustainable automotive landscape.” 

The Musla project exemplifies a personalized vehicle, specifically ordered by a client from GZ Racing. This initiative demonstrates the collaborative effort needed to execute such a unique project, relying on the specialized talents of multiple companies to bring this extraordinary vision to life. 

GZ Racing, in collaboration with CTEK, is at the forefront of this innovative wave, transforming the way we think about vehicle restoration and conversion. Musla is more than a car; it's a testament to the possibilities that await at the intersection of tradition and innovation, introducing a new era where classic cars not only retain their soul but gain a new heart for the future.