NJORD GO rates high in Aftonbladet’s EV charger test

EV Charging

Aftonbladet, a Swedish outlet, conducted a comprehensive test of electric vehicle (EV) chargers, including CTEK's NJORD GO. The NJORD GO charger was assessed for its quality, functionality, and user-friendliness, receiving a commendable rating of 4 out of 5. 

Aftonbladet was particularly impressed with the charger, emphasizing its advanced technology and versatile usage. The NJORD GO is an excellent choice for those seeking a portable EV charger that can be easily connected to a grounded electrical outlet. Whether you're at home or traveling, you can conveniently use it at your residence or take it along to your country house or mountain cabin. 

The tech expert at Aftonbladet shared his personal experience, stating that he has been using the NJORD GO at his country house. An electrician installed a three-phase outlet on a pole, where the NJORD GO was installed using the wall mount accessory, making the installation permanent. 

NJORD GO is a portable 11kW EV charger* particularly designed to provide you with rapid and reliable electric vehicle charging, whether you're in the comfort of your home or on the go. This versatile charger can be used in various locations, ensuring flexibility and convenience. Moreover, when connected to the CTEK APP, it grants access to additional features, enabling comprehensive control and monitoring of your charging sessions via your mobile phone. 

*You might have noticed that we call the NJORD GO an ‘EV charger’. Technically speaking it’s ‘electrical vehicle supply equipment’ (or EVSE for short), that provides a safe supply of electricity to power the on-board battery charger in your Electrical Vehicle (EV). Most people use the term EV charger, so to keep things simple, we’ve chosen to use this term too. 

NJORD® GO, 40-353 | ctek.com NJORD® GO, 40-353 | ctek.com NJORD® GO, 40-353 | ctek.com NJORD® GO, 40-353 | ctek.com NJORD® GO, 40-353 | ctek.com NJORD® GO, 40-353 | ctek.com NJORD® GO, 40-353 | ctek.com


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