Parkster's Partnership with CTEK: Pioneering EV Charging Solutions

Case Study | EV Charging

In the evolving landscape of electric vehicles (EVs), the synergy between innovative technology and sustainable infrastructure has become critical. A testament to this is the partnership between Parkster, a leading provider of parking solutions, and CTEK, renowned for their cutting-edge EV charging solutions. In an exclusive interview with Martin Hermansson, a key figure at Parkster, we look at the transformative impact of CTEK's CHARGESTORM® CONNECTED 2 (CC2) EV charger on the realm of car parks and EV charging. 

Parkster, established in Lund, Sweden, over a decade ago in 2010, has received praise for its comprehensive parking solutions and foresight in embracing the electric mobility revolution. Martin Hermansson articulates the company's ethos in a few words, emphasising their commitment to combining parking convenience with sustainable EV charging. "It's highly beneficial for us to merge these two services, and we aspire to extend EV charging accessibility to even more locations." he remarks, underlining Parkster's forward-looking approach. 

Central to Parkster's strategy is the adoption of CTEK's CC2 EV charger, a decision rooted in the brand's sterling reputation and alignment with Parkster's customer-centric values. Hermansson explains, "We chose CTEK because it is a well-known brand and a partner that we would like to work with," emphasising the paramount importance of facilitating seamless charging experiences for their clientele. 

The impact of CTEK's EV charger on Parkster's interface and the user experience for EV drivers has only been positive. "We want it to be simple, convenient and seamless for EV drivers," Hermansson asserts, highlighting the important role of user-friendly infrastructure in fostering widespread EV adoption. The CC2 charger's swiftness and ease of use have emerged as standout features, enhancing the overall satisfaction of EV drivers. 

Reflecting on Parkster's experience with the CC2 charger, Hermansson commends its reliability and minimal maintenance requirements. With over 60 chargers operational in Karlstad, Parkster has encountered no issues, underscoring the seamless integration and robust performance of CTEK's solution. 

While acknowledging the initial challenges inherent in any transformative endeavour, Hermansson remains optimistic on the future of EV charging. "In general, for the future, I definitely believe in EV charging," he asserts, reaffirming Parkster's unwavering commitment to expanding the charging infrastructure and fostering sustainable mobility solutions. “The partnership with CTEK embodies this shared vision, with both parties poised to lead innovations in the parking industry”. 

CTEK's exceptional support further strengthens the partnership, with Hermansson commending their responsiveness and efficacy. "CTEK's support is very cooperative and always provides good service," he affirms, underscoring the collaborative spirit underpinning the relationship. 

With the CC2 charger at the forefront, Parkster is poised to redefine the contours of EV charging, fostering seamless, user-centric experiences while advancing the cause of sustainable mobility. As Hermansson suitably summarises, "Together with CTEK, we want to deploy as much as possible and expand the good collaboration we have right now," symbolising their shared commitment to pioneering sustainable and innovative solutions in the realm of parking and electric mobility. 

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