Whilst COVID-19 has resulted in many vehicles being taken off the road, there is another side to this story – vehicles being used to transport supplies, services and workers critical to the COVID-19 response.

For owners and operators of commercial vehicles working in haulage, emergency services, delivery, agriculture & communications support, to name just a few, having a reliable fleet of vehicles has never been more important.

Despite the advances in battery and vehicle technology, battery related faults remain in the top 5 causes of breakdown for commercial vehicles. Proactive battery maintenance can increase fleet reliability and avoid battery-related breakdowns.

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CTEK Test + Charge steps

1. Incorporating a regular battery management programme across your fleet of vehicles can reduce battery related breakdowns, increase fleet efficiency and extend battery life by as much as 3 times. There are just 4 simple steps:
2. Test with the CTEK PRO Tester: if you are working on a 24V system there is no need to take the batteries out of the 24V ‘set’, each battery can be tested individually.
3. Tester will indicate whether the battery is good, needs a charge, replacement or re-test.
4. If batteries require charging, simply connect the CTEK charger while the vehicle is parked and even whilst other work is completed, without interruption.
5. Re-test the batteries at the end of the service.



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