If you are lucky enough to own a performance car, that you probably use during the summer and over the weekend, we don’t need to tell you that it’s packed with sophisticated electronics - delivering power, performance and in-car features, so that you can enjoy the ultimate driving experience.   

And it’s this sophisticated vehicle technology that means it’s even more important to look after your vehicle battery - the very heart of the vehicle.  

On a standard daily drive your car battery will naturally drain at around 0.1V per month, so in six months you probably won’t be able to start the car. Then add in what we call parasitic drain and this could happen a whole lot faster! Parasitic drain occurs when vehicle components continue to draw power from your vehicle’s 12V system – even after the key is removed.  

Now, a small level of parasitic drain is normal. Your 12V battery will deliver power to your car to do things like saving your radio pre-sets, keep the clock running, and operate things like your security alarm, power doors, and power locks. But there are also larger vehicle and engine-management systems that could be running, even when the car is turned off – leading to a dead battery. This is especially common if you have security accessories like sensors and cameras installed on your vehicle – commonly found on more expensive, high performance cars.  

It’s therefore important that you hook up a battery charger to your performance car to make sure the battery doesn’t flatten during storage. For high performance cars, packed with lots of vehicle electronics, you need to make sure that your battery charger is covering the power demands of the vehicle when it is parked up. Don’t pick something too small – always make sure you know the size of your battery and the capabilities of the battery charger you are using. 

The CTEK MXS 10 will give you the power you need to keep your battery fully charged, maintained and operating in peak condition so your car is ready to hit the road whenever you are. It works with batteries from 20Ah up to a whopping 200Ah so it will cover all 12V performance car batteries. It features dedicated reconditioning and maintenance stages, so it’s ideal for hassle free, long-term maintenance charging. 

Remember, your battery performs best when it’s in peak condition. Proper battery maintenance makes sure your high-performance engine starts time after time, protecting against battery failure and breakdowns. And did you know that regular battery maintenance with the CTEK MXS 10 will extend the life of your battery by up to three times. 

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