It is always good to hear about how CTEK chargers are being put to good use, and so we were delighted to hear from the lovely people at Buttercup Bus vintage campers, who have a fleet of stunning pastel coloured VW campervans and beetles available for hire.

Now normally this stunning fleet has been woken up from Winter storage, and is bringing that magic touch to wedding, photobooth and promo events. Due to the current lock-down situation however, Pushka, Buttercup, Belinda, Bumble, Basil, Beatrix & Billie are all still parked up, waiting for the good times to return.

web_photo credit to Nicola Rowley Photography.jpgPhoto by Nicola Rowley Photography

As a company specialising mainly in wedding vehicle hire, it is of course essential that all vehicles in the fleet start first time, every time – you can’t be late for a wedding after all! Buttercup Bus is really proud of their award-winning service, where reliability, punctuality and customer satisfaction is paramount. So regular vehicle maintenance is essential.

web_Photo credit to Desiree A North Photography 3.jpgPhoto by Desiree A North Photography

To help make sure the very heart of their vehicles, the battery, is kept in good condition and protected against going flat, Buttercup Bus uses the CTEK MXS 5.0. Recently awarded Auto Express Best Battery Charger, the MXS 5.0 is an intelligent battery charger and maintainer, all in one compact, shock-proof unit that is compatible with all 12 V lead-acid batteries. Most importantly for Buttercup Bus, it can be permanently attached to the vehicle for long periods of time, so it’s perfect for maintenance of batteries, where the vehicle will be parked up in long-term storage. And that’s thanks to our patented Pulse Maintenance stage, that will constantly monitor and determine accurate readings of the battery’s charge, and take appropriate action, so the battery is optimised for use. Did you know that regular battery maintenance can extend battery life by up to three times, so it’s a cost-effective thing to do too!

web_photo credit 2 - Laura Radford.jpgPhoto by Laura Radford

Nathalie from Buttercup Bus said “Our CTEK chargers are invaluable at giving me reassurance that at the start of wedding season the campers will start after the cold winter.

I also use them to charge the smaller batteries in our 3Kw generators, which power our campervan photobooths.

The good people at Buttercup Bus want to make sure that once things return back to normal, service can quickly be resumed without the headache of a flat battery – and thanks to CTEK, they haven’t got that worry!