Maintaining sufficient power supply is the single biggest consideration for boat owners. With increased power requirements, today’s boat owner is looking for smart, efficient solutions for boat battery charging. We know that you want to leave the mooring with peace of mind, knowing on-board equipment will work and most importantly won’t leave you stranded!

We know that for many of you, the current global pandemic has meant more time out on the water, whilst for others it has been a frustrating time with your boat sat idle. Whatever the situation, battery charging and maintenance is essential to maximise battery capacity, extend battery life and ensure the boat is ready to go whenever you are.


If you haven’t used your boat for a while it’s worth remembering that by simply sitting on a shelf, a standard 12V lead-acid battery loses 0.1V every month, so after 6 months it will be unable to start your boat. 

A standard leisure battery is heavily cycled – it goes from full to empty lots of times. This can result in something called acid stratification, a situation whereby the two liquids in a battery (battery acid and water) begin to separate, severely reducing the batteries capability to hold a charge.

And that’s why we developed our dedicated marine battery chargers. By regularly using these dedicated products, you can maximise battery performance and extend battery life by up to three times.

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