Charge Your Car Day 2023: A day to celebrate and acknowledge the importance of battery charging



On the 5th of October it’s Charge Your Car Day! Your vehicle's battery has always been a steadfast companion, it has helped the vehicle to faithfully transport you from one destination to another. Whether you're driving an internal combustion engine vehicle or an electric car, the battery plays a crucial role in powering your vehicle's functions. Expressing gratitude for its dedicated service is best done by turning to a CTEK charger. With a CTEK charger, you can rejuvenate your battery, providing it with the energy it needs to keep you on the road for extended journeys. 

Regularly maintaining your 12V battery is crucial to ward off sulfation and maintain its peak performance, all while striving to prevent unexpected breakdowns. However, should you find yourself in a breakdown situation, opting for CTEK's CS FREE adaptive booster is a smart choice over traditional jump starters. The CS FREE employs cutting-edge adaptive boost technology, guaranteeing a safer and gentler jump-start experience, thereby reducing the risk of battery damage or electrical system complications. This innovative approach not only swiftly gets you back on the road but also safeguards your battery's longevity, offering a more sustainable solution for vehicle upkeep and peace of mind on your journey. 

Electric and Plug-In Hybrid vehicles also rely on battery charging. The 12V auxiliary battery powers vital components such as the vehicle's lighting, radio, heating, and air conditioning. To ensure optimal performance, regular maintenance is essential. While the car's internal DC-DC system charges the 12V battery, it can often only reach a full 100% charge when connected to an external battery charger, such as the CTEK MXS 5.0, rather than during the standard vehicle charging process. 

Regarding the lithium-ion battery in newer EVs, it is critical to set a charge limit of 80-90% to prevent battery degradation. Most vehicles come equipped with this feature, but it's always advisable to consult your car's manual for specific instructions. 

Charging your car battery not only reduces the risk of breakdowns but also extends your battery's lifespan by up to three times. Additionally, it helps minimise the need for expensive repairs and prevents damage to intricate electrical systems. In today's uncertain economic climate, a car battery charger proves to be a money-saving investment, particularly as we increasingly use our vehicles less. 

This year, we are committed to reinforcing the motto - Get moving, Stay moving and Keep charging!