Goldstar Auto Electrical Charges Safely with CTEK

Case Study | Battery Charging

Goldstar is an auto electrical service company offering everything from fleet safety fit-outs and air conditioning services to GPS and 4WD 12V system installations. Based in Derrimut, but covering Melbourne and surrounding areas including Ballarat, their customer base is 70 per cent fleet and 30 per cent private customers, largely obtained from word of mouth.  

When Goldstar Auto Electrical was founded in 2015, it was a mobile run service only. Business quickly grew as clients continued to approach the team for their meticulous work and attention to detail and it wasn’t long before they had a permanent premise.   

Tim Goldsmith, Founder of Goldstar Auto Electrical, became an auto electrician after completing an apprenticeship and working in mines and with heavy machinery – a great background that means he can service just about anything.  

“We’re very focused on developing top tier talent, we do this by investing in skills training for our team. The biggest challenge facing automotive electrical workshops is the evolution of the technology that automotive manufacturers are using. With every new car there are new components that the team need to be across. Ours is a career that can’t be automated and will be increasingly important in future.  

“It is getting harder though, manufacturers are offering 7-year warranties or longer and holding all software updates close to their chest. So, to fix things you must be a very talented auto electrician. It’s an area that is going to get increasingly complex in coming years,” he concluded.  

Battery Management  

Regardless of the service the Goldstar team is completing, vehicles are usually connected to a battery charger throughout the duration of the service. After initially using a couple of CTEK MXS5.0 trickle chargers and being impressed with their high level of safety and reliability, the company invested in a CTEK PRO120.  

The PRO120 has multiple use cases. The team primarily connect it when they are doing programming or diagnostics on a vehicle. The PRO120 provides steady amps for all vehicle types, meaning that diagnostic updates are not interrupted by a flickering power supply.  

As a routine part of procedure, Goldstar Auto Electrical connect the PRO120 to vehicles when they arrive on site at their facility to get a health report on the condition of the battery. Pending the outcomes, the PRO120 either reconditions the battery, or as a last resort, Goldstar is able to replace the battery if it is faulty. This thorough process means that customers are always satisfied with the vehicle post-service. The team also use their PRO120 to charge and maintain batteries that they have in storage. 

“CTEK products are safe and reliable meaning that the workshop only needs to complete the job once. This ensures there is no wastage of spare batteries and that customers leave confident in the reliability of their vehicle. It also reduces the likelihood of a vehicle being returned with an electrical fault caused by a flat battery. Aside from that, we love the CTEK PRO120 because it is just really easy to use. There’s an LCD screen that the team can read and immediately assess the next steps forward,” Tim said.  

“Power is critical on modern vehicles with the numerous ECUs on board. In the past, the chargers we were using held lower amps. If the voltage dropped during programming, we would have to start from scratch again. The steady amps that the PRO120 provide means that the power will not flicker – this is a huge advantage for us.” 

Delivering Excellence  

Goldstar Auto Electrical obsesses about delighting its customers and offering the best through their services. The partnership with CTEK is further evidence of that.  

“When you attach a CTEK charger, not only do you ensure the customer’s battery is charged, you contribute to the workshop’s overall efficiency and productivity,” said Tim. 

“We made the decision to work with CTEK because the brand is synonymous with high quality and durability. A product like the PRO120 is a one-time investment, something you’d buy once every 20 years, so you want to get your hands on a multi-purpose product that does everything and you can trust.”