How to charge a motorcycle battery

Battery chargers

There are different reasons for learning how to charge a motorcycle battery, such as maintenance purposes, tendering, or, in the worst case, bringing it back to life after it fails to start up your engine. In this guide, you will find everything you need to stay charged and ready to go. 

Before Charging 

No matter the reason why you are charging, it’s important to follow the following steps to ensure your and others’ safety and prevent damage to your battery and motorcycle. 

1. Find Out Your Battery Type:

Most motorcycles use some type of lead-acid battery, such as standard flooded or AGM (Absorbing Glass Mat). However, more and more bikes are being equipped with factory Li-Ion batteries. Check your bike’s user manual or your battery’s specs label to find out which type of battery you will be charging. 

2. Safety Considerations:  

  • Always work in a well-ventilated area, as batteries can emit fumes during charging, which can be harmful if inhaled. 
  • Keep the battery or motorcycle away from heat, flames, or potential sparks while charging. 
  • Never charge a frozen battery. If you suspect your battery has been frozen or you find bulges or cracks in the case, don’t attempt to charge it and seek expert advice. 
  • Wear safety goggles or a facemask when possible, especially when working with lead-acid batteries. 
  • All of our chargers feature reverse polarity protection, it prevents damage by detecting if the battery is connected with the terminals reversed. If detected, the charger won't function, ensuring safety and preventing potential damage to the charger, battery, and vehicle's electrical system. 
  • Ensure the bike is ‘OFF’ and the key is removed from the ignition. 

3. Access The Battery:

Check for the battery location. Sometimes, the battery is just under the seat, and no disassembly is required. Others, batteries are mounted in hard-to-reach areas covered by plastics or require you to remove some body panels. In that case, ensure you have all the tools you need at hand before start working. At CTEK, we understand how time-consuming and daunting it can be to do all that work whenever you want to charge your battery. That’s why we developed our unique quick connect system, the CONNECT EYELETS and INDICATOR EYELETS, which are compatible with most of our chargers, including the CT5 POWERSPORT. With this system, you only have to do the hard work once and install the extension on your battery terminals. Then, you will be able to charge and even monitor your battery’s status (when using the INDICATOR EYELET M6) by just plugging your charger into the EYELET in a minute. 

4. Connect The Charger:

Before plugging the charger into the wall socket, ensure that the red and black charger leads are connected as instructed above. 

Intelligent Charging - The Smart Way To Go 

Discover how to charge a motorcycle battery efficiently and safely using innovative solutions like our CT5 POWERSPORT, a charger designed with motorcycles and power sports vehicles in mind. Say goodbye to conventional “manual” chargers, which require constant monitoring to prevent overheating and damaging your bike’s battery. 

The CT5 POWERSPORT is not only light and portable; it’s smart. You just have to plug it into your battery terminals or into the CONNECT EYELET, and you are good to go. Then, you just have to plug the CT5 POWERSPORT into a grid power outlet, choose the charging program depending on your battery and its state of charge, and let the charger work. Unlike conventional chargers, with CTEK’s smart chargers, you don’t have to worry about setting charging times, overcharging, and other issues related to how to charge a motorcycle battery. 

Most LiFePO4 batteries feature a UVP (Under Voltage Protection), which prevents them from being recognized and charged by regular chargers. The CT5 POWERSPORT has a “wake up” function to allow charging them.  
When charging lead-acid batteries, the CT5 POWERSPORT recognizes sulfated cells and removes sulfate from the lead plates, restoring them. 

After performing a series of steps to charge your battery safely, the CT5 POWERSPORT auto-switches to “pulse” mode, monitoring your battery’s state of charge and working as an intelligent battery tender, keeping your battery topped and ready to start your motorcycle any time. 

Finalizing The Charge 

Before unplugging a battery charger from your battery, always unplug it from the wall socket. Then, remove the black (negative) terminal first to prevent potential accidental sparks and short circuits. It’s also important to always check your ride and charger user’s manual for any additional information about how to charge a motorcycle battery. 

When charging your bike’s battery, follow the safety instructions in this guide to ensure your and others’ safety and a smooth and efficient charge. 

CTEK chargers are the way to go when it comes to charging and tender your motorcycle’s battery. Our chargers are designed with the user in mind, are easy to use, and feature built-in safety features for extra peace of mind. Whether you are preparing for a long journey, use your bike as a commuter, or are an avid track day fan, the CT5 POWERSPORT is a fantastic choice to ensure your bike is always ready for you to enjoy.