Help us celebrate the humble car battery on Charge Your Car Day!

It’s easy to forget how much hard work your battery has to do to keep your car running, so Charge Your Car Day is here to remind us all that we’ve really got to look after it. So let’s give your battery a bit of well-deserved appreciation by grabbing that charger, to make sure it’s in peak condition. 

Because when it’s working at its best, you can be sure your car will be ready to go, right when you are. 

  • Charge Your Car Day: a day to give your car battery the appreciation it deserves
  • Follow the ABC of charging: Always Be Charging
  • Regular charging means your battery could last longer.
  • A healthy battery gives you peace of mind and can save you money.
  • Make Charge Your Car Day the start of a regular charging and maintenance routine to keep your batteries in peak condition, so your vehicles are ready to go, right when we need them



Your battery is the beating heart of your car. And just like us, if you don’t look after it there’ll be nothing but trouble ahead. So this year’s Charge Your Car Day theme is “Love your Battery”.

Your battery has a lot of hard work to do these days, and so whether you have an electric, hybrid or fuel-powered vehicle, it could go flat very quickly. So, on Charge Your Car Day, let’s give your car battery a bit of love and show it you care. Because if you look after your battery, it’ll look after you!


Battery knowledge

Why charge?

It’s easy to forget how much hard work your car battery has to do! Here we take a look at the changing demands that vehicle technology is placing on the battery, why it’s important to regularly charge your car battery and what happens if you don’t!

EV charging

A basic introduction to EV charging looking at EV terminology, how to charge an electric car and how to maximise battery efficiency.

Lithium VS Lead acid

Lithium batteries need a different approach to charging compared to lead acid batteries. Find out why, and how to care for lithium batteries, to maximise performance and extend battery life.