Little things make a big difference

  • Reliable battery charger. Using a charger to maintain its performance and life can help save time, costs, and the environment.
  • Sound charging routine. Charging at least once a month helps get the best out of a car battery and prolongs its life. When it comes to electric cars though, the rule is ABC - Always Be Charging.
  • Simple, regular care. Invest in a charger with built-in functionality for both maintenance and troubleshooting to ensure your battery is always working to optimum capacity.
  • Be mindful of the weather. Be aware of the effect of extreme weather conditions on your car battery, and look out for any signs of change, like the way your car starts.
  • Correct charging. The only real way to restore a drained battery is to use a charger. Most other common ways work temporarily but are not dependable ways to fully recharge a battery.

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