Let us introduce you to Sean Lee, Founder member of the Purist Group. Established back in 2012, the Purist Group has a unique collection of members, many of whom are well-known drivers, journalist, tuners and car collectors. 

What makes this group unique, is what it stands for. It exists not for commercial purposes but as a network for people who share common passion in cars, motorcycles and the finer things in life. The prime focus of this group is helping one another – not just within the Purist Group, but within their wider communities. For example, Sean and the Purist Group regularly organise large events to collect much needed items for the homeless and less fortunate. For example, over the past 5 years they have distributed over 2,000 backpacks filled with essential school supplies for underprivileged children, and their annual winter toy drive collects over 10,000 toys.

And for Sean in particular, this motivation and passion for helping other people derives from two very significant experiences.

Sean had a very challenging and unhappy childhood, with a violent father and a mother who battled mental health issues and alcohol addiction. At just 17 Sean chose to run away from home and as a consequence became homeless. So for Sean, who didn’t have happiness as a child, bringing happiness to kids, and making them smile brings him lots of joy.

We met with Sean back in 2019 where he introduced us to his 2007 Porsche 911 GT3 RS. The reason that this car is so special to Sean is that it was owned by his very good friend, the late, great Paul Walker. Sean talks about the value he places on the car, that reflects the shared vision him and Paul shared for it. This car will stay with Sean forever because of the friendship that is behind it. Paul passed away following a car accident, an accident that happened whilst he was helping others in his community. And so, for Sean, he is driven to continue what he and Paul started, to keep the memory and legacy of Paul alive. Paul continues to be Sean’s motivation, as he helps more and more people, because as Sean himself puts it “that is what Paul would do”.

Along with his passion for helping others, Sean has another passion, and this is his car collection. He keeps them in his “Man cave” a place where he can escape to when he is frustrated about things in life. It’s a place that is full of things that he likes. He can walk away from reality. It’s a charging station “for the brain and for yourself.”

Sean tells us “I enjoy cars as a hobby, and I like my cars to be running without troubles. I love to be able to come here, start an engine and go on a drive. That’s why maintaining my vehicles is so important and CTEK has done a great job helping with that.”

Sean here at CTEK we are humbled by the amazing work that you and the Purist Group do for others.