Make sure your batteries are charged, maintained and ready to go next season. 


If you’ve had a bit more leisure time on your hands recently, you might have been taking your seasonal vehicle for a spin more often than you normally would.

But if your car or motorcycle is usually kept in safe, secure storage for long periods of time, the battery could lose a lot of its charge. The sophisticated electronics, trackers, alarms etc. place a huge strain on the vehicle battery.

CTEK chargers give you the power you need to keep your battery fully charged, maintained and operating in peak condition so your seasonal vehicle is ready to hit the road whenever you are.

A fully charged battery when you need it

  • Your battery performs best when it’s in peak condition
  • Proper battery maintenance makes sure your high performance engine starts time after time
  • CTEK battery chargers will keep your battery working to its maximum capability and will significantly reduce the possibility of battery failure and breakdowns
  • Regular battery maintenance with a CTEK battery charger will extend the life of your battery.
  • The longer your battery lasts, the more money you’ll be saving.

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