It’s a day to celebrate the car battery and remind people about the importance of battery charging. And so, in advance of the day, here are some top tips about how to look after your car battery.

Caring for your battery is simple and can be easily integrated into your regular routine. To help us make sure our batteries are always in peak condition so our vehicles are always ready to go, CTEK have developed five key tips for car owners amid current driving trends around the world:

  1.  Money saver: Battery failure is often reported as the number one cause for breakdowns around the world, and with a growing amount of sensitive electronic equipment added to today’s modern cars, this issue is on the rise. Utilising battery chargers can help you save time, battery costs, towing costs, repair costs, and the environment through regular battery maintenance.
  2. Regular charging: At least once a month while your car is parked in the garage, reach for your battery charger, connect it up and leave it do its work quickly, safely and efficiently. If you have an electric vehicle, it’s recommended you follow the ABC rule – Always Be Charging. 
  3. TLC: Caring for your battery after it’s charged is just as important as charging it in the first place. Today’s modern chargers will almost certainly have built-in maintenance and troubleshoot programs – most of them automatic – that will make sure your car battery has a healthy heart.
  4. Temperature aware: Battery performance can be reduced by as much as 35 per cent when temperatures hit freezing, and by as much as half when the temperatures go even lower. Conversely, heat is also the number one killer of car batteries. Motorists should be extra cautious in extreme temperatures, being sensitive to any vehicle changes such as the way your car starts, or the operation of the electrical system in general. Any changes can indicate a weak battery or problems in the electrical system. 
  5. Start smart: If you drain your battery, some motorists seek to solve the issue by using jumper leads, push-starting a manual car and going for a drive, or leaving the car idling. However, this won’t fully recharge a car’s battery, and could in fact create long-term damage. The most reliable way to restore your battery is to use a charger.

As part of the day we have also launched a competition to win a CTEK battery charger for you and a friend!

All you have to do is visit one of our social media profiles on Instagram or Facebook
Share our competition post and nominate a friend by tagging them in the post comments and explaining why they should get a charger! Winners will be selected based on the most interesting post and announced on 5 October 2020.

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