For many of us, we will soon be putting our seasonal vehicle into winter storage. Making sure that you choose the right battery charger for your vehicles needs means you won’t have the hassle of a flat battery come next season. Let us help you make the right choice… 

Battery type: Make sure that you know exactly what type of battery you have. A Lithium (12V LiFePO4) battery has very different characteristics to that of 12V lead-acid and therefore needs maintaining in a different way.

Battery size: Even with a smart charger you do need to consider battery size. On a smaller battery, such as something found on a motorcycle, you should use a charger that won’t deliver a charge too powerful for the battery as this could dry the battery out. For high performance cars packed with lots of vehicle electronics you need to make sure that your battery charger is covering the power demands of the vehicle when it is parked up.   

Vehicle type: The type of vehicle you are putting into storage can help with your decision of battery charger. Here are three of our top-selling battery chargers, each one is designed for a slightly different application:

  • CT5 POWERSPORT: For smaller powersport batteries found on motorcycles, jet skis, quads. Has both 12V lead-acid and lithium charging modes.
  • MXS 5.0: Flexible charging and maintenance, with modes for car and motorcycle 12V lead-acid batteries.
  • MXS 10: powerful and fast, with maintenance mode too, suitable for high performance, luxury cars with 12V lead-acid batteries.

So make sure that you pick the battery charger most suitable for your vehicle battery, because if you look after your battery, it will always be ready when you are! Want to know more about winter storage and how best to look after your vehicle battery? Click here for more info…